The Zone Where Appliances and Plumbing Meet

The Zone Where Appliances and Plumbing Meet

Effective March 17, Raleigh, NC has banned garbage disposers either in new installations or as replacement for existing disposers.  The move was driven by grease blockages and related sewer spills and the costs of keeping sewer lines open and flowing.  We love appliances at a level that is not entirely healthy, but this has the ring of reasonableness.  Most Asian sewer systems don’t take toilet paper, so one wonders how our sewers can manage all the solids that were not considered when our systems were first designed and built.  Ground chicken bones, orange peels, grease and onion skins, never mind the occasional alligator.
InSinkerator is likely to file suit against Raleigh, but Raleigh might consider striking first.

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