Hiring Entity & Job Seeker agree through use of this service:

  1. That all information you receive through use of this service are to be kept completely Confidential
  2. Hiring Entity may use information ONLY to evaluate an individual's suitability to fill an existing or proposed position.
  3. Job Seeker may use information ONLY to evaluate the suitability of a position for that individual.
  4. Confidential information must be returned or destroyed when no longer being considered for or considering a particular individual or position.
  5. Hiring Entity may not contact references (company or individual) without the consent of the individual seeking employment. (A Resume is NOT consent)
  6. That information is provided "as is". does not warrant the accuracy of any information provided, or the suitability of any individual or position. Hiring Entity and Job Seekers will hold harmless for any and all results which occur through the use of this service, (including boneheaded mistakes of Note to Hiring Entity: they are employees, and they lose that crisp new-employee-smell seven minutes after they walk through the door. Note to Job Seeker: they are employers, and their primary products are "short ends of sticks".
  7. That Hiring Entity AND Job Seekers will inform of job offers, acceptances, and start dates if the result of this service.
  8. reserves the right to remove any listing for any reason at any time, with pro-rated refund if applicable.
  9. Hiring Entity Fees: See fees below
  10. Job Seeker Fine Print: Though we hope this service is helpful, we make no guarantee of your success and withhold the right to refrain from forwarding your information to any Hiring Entity for any reason. (Lawyers!)
  11. Why do we continue to sell appliances to lawyers, does anyone know the answer to this?

That said, we do want to help you, if for no other reason than it just might help us. Get back on your feet, learn the secret appliance handshake, and fulfill your wildest, fully clothed, appliance fantasies.
Live the dream!

Hiring Entity Fees
Placing an ad for an open position

$200/month to list an open position.

Hiring from "People Seeking Jobs" list without an ad for the position.
In the event that an individual is hired within 24 months of receiving information about a Job Seeker through this service, hiring organization agrees to terms of payment:

Hiring from "People Seeking Jobs" list for a position advertised in "Jobs Seeking People" list.
As above, though total not to exceed $2000 for a single position.