Whirlpool Yanks Your Hose II

Rumor has it that Whirlpool is once again making a run at eliminating the connection hoses included with their washers.  The rumor suggests that the change effects Whirlpool’s new top loading washer going into production in August.
Whirlpool’s Yanks Your Hose I  (October 2006)
Whirlpool’s Yanks Your Broiler Pan (January 2007)

Have they no shame!  Will they take our lint collectors next?
Dear Whirlpool, take what you will……….but leave us our dignity.
Dear Reader, if we are reporting "rumors"….never mind fact……on washer hoses and broiler pans…….it is obviously already too late for us.  Save yourselves.

Reader Comment May 12
I am sure you have heard this one has been confirmed, however I got the letter a couple days ago.  It basically said that the hoses will be discontinued being shipped with the units in August with the launch of the new Whirlpool, Maytag, and Amana top load laundry only.  Also the HE units both top load and front load will include hoses.  Lastly it mentioned that the value brands will discontinue their hoses being included August 1, 2008 with Estate, Roper, Inglis and Admiral.

Thankfully they reminded me in the letter that this gives me a bigger opportunity to up-sell hoses to my customers. Because that’s what I want to do, is tell customers that the GE or other brand pair includes hoses in their prices and that the Whirlpool does not and they have to buy those separately.   They also let me know that most customers don’t even use the hoses that are provided because they want to buy upgraded hoses at an additional fee.

By the way I decided to give the standard hoses away for free and stock some s/s hoses for all machines and offer those as an up charge with the hope that the up charge will offset the free hoses I am giving away on the Whirlpool machines.


 Reader Comment May 13:
Concerning the comment about hoses: Don’t you think the other brands will follow suite? It is an additional price increase (reduce cost to the manufacturers) that we will have to pass on to the consumer. I do not understand why independent appliance retailers think we have to "give" our customers hoses. Can you imagine Exxon absorbing a cost increase in oil? The chains will see it as an opportunity to make additional margin and so should we!

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