Whirlpool in Multiple Hazardous Waste Quagmires

Whirlpool Corp, winner of the DOE and EPA ENERGY STAR Sustained Excellence Award for 2006, 2007, 2008, 2009, 2010, 2011, 2012 might be involved in a hazardous waste plume of PCB’s and other toxic sludge at the closed Whirlpool Park in Clyde, OH.  Clyde is the center of a cancer cluster.  Whirlpool Park was a park, playground and pool designed for families and children of Whirlpool employees as well as the families of Clyde.  The property has since its closure in 2008, been broken up and sold off for development.

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Channel 13, ABC reported:  ""From the time we purchased the property it was a park. It was a park when we purchased it, until we sold it," says Jeff Noel of Whirlpool Corporation.  "So our records show it was a park."

Whirlpool bought the park in the 1950’s.

Was Whirlpool involved?
Circumstantial evidence is as follows:

  • PCBs first went into large scale manufacture in 1927.  Therefore in the 25 years since first large scale manufacture (in Alabama), it is unlikely another facility existed at the Park before Whirlpool bought the location.  Not enough time to build a facility, remove it, and turn it into a park before Whirlpool showed up.
  • It is possible that Whirlpool, or another company, dumped their liquid wastes at the Park.
  • Would it be more likely to be Whirlpool, which owned the land, or a second company which did not own the land.

When a wife is killed, they look at the obvious first, the husband of course.
In that vein we should all be looking very very closely here at Whirlpool.  In the era of the Times Beach, MO disaster, it would not be far fetched to unload ones dirty laundry in that pit at the park.

January 15, 2013:  Whirlpool is seeking to ban drinking water drilling at a second closed refrigerator facility in Fort Smith, Arkansas.  "Arkansas Business" reports that Whirlpool spilled an industrial solvent on the ground in the 1980’s.  The solvent is a known carcinogen.

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  1. An update on this:


    At first glance it appears Whirlpool is continuing to cover up its wrongdoings with test results from independent testing labs. While I am no expert, I simply say this: If you put something into the Earth that was not there before, and if it is proven to be harmful, then you get to clean it up. You made profit by your process, time to clean up your mess.

    • I am hoping that this issue can be resolved to everyone’s satisfaction. Here is hoping that it was not a problem caused by Whirlpool. As I thought about this I have yet to see any executive purposefully pollute any land. The only difference is I was not in a position to see what they did in the 50’s , 60’s or 70’s at that level.

  2. Tagoneo..I am with you. Any organization that supports building components in China where knowingly seeing people making slave wages and polluting the crap out of the earth needs to be boycotted.. Same old story though they deny everything and talk about mom and apple pie..horse shit. They need to pay for what they helped create which is pain and misery for families. That cancer is not a coincidence. What can we do to get a boycott started ? They could really care less about anything but their profit and people be damned.

  3. Tag.. Way to go. Keep the negativity coming. Perhaps There is more going wrong that affects people and you can report it. I suggest you help humanity in some small way. Ever think of moving to Siberia ?

      • The same would then apply to your opinion , or are you that delusional.I suggest you change the brand of whiskey you drink. I guess somehow you could blame some organization for your dilemma now couldn’t you tag? Why don’ t you add something positive for a change. Sitting at your computer alone can make you neurotic. Now , what do you think about Viking ?

        • You are 100% correct about my opinion. However, what I am posting here is factual about a company that did what many other companies did and use the earth as a dumping ground in the name of profit. No, I am far from liberal, but I don’t believe in using your backyard as a landfill. What I hope is that Whirlpool steps up to the plate and cleans up their mess. Which btw the Arkansas version of the EPA is not pleased with WPL’s proposed plan. See new post at the end of this thread.

          I am going to bypass the rest of your antagonistic comments and personal attack, for they are not worthy of reply. But I do drink Jack Daniels, Grand Marnier, or Stoli.

          Viking? I think it is a great idea created by great people, who forgot what they started and let quality and customer service fall secondary to driving units out the door. As I have said in many posts before, where I am at, all but four dealers have dropped the line. The last time I sold the product was in the late 90’s and the joke was (and apparently still is) that you have the service van follow the delivery truck on a Viking delivery. I still hear the horror stories from the local Viking dealers. And it is a shame that they have the reputation. But that is how corporations rise and fall…by good or bad decisions.

          • Tag.. We agree on Viking regardless of what one of their cheerleaders may be saying. However I do wish them the best. It is interesting to note how indignant you get over your personal choice of drink and call it an attack. I would suggest you read some of your own posts to me. My guess is from what I see here is you are one of those trophy kids who gets an award for participation , not results. What is this industry coming to ? I thought better of you. Your choice of drinks seems fine though , I will give you credit for that. I don’t drink hard liquor anymore but if I have a snort it is now Johnny Walker Blue Label. Now keep your big boy pants on and be real.

          • Tag…I also need to comment on your dumping ground comment. I have never heard or saw a senior executive of any company dump poison in the ground as you say. You are being especially critical of something you know little about. Perhaps way back then the technology was not aware of as much as today. You make it sound like executives at the highest level will do anything for profit including poison people. I am here to tell you that is not true. You have not spent any time in a board room so you can only assume based on what you saw in a movie. Your comments are out of line and truly inaccurate.

  4. It does appear that this site has evolved into something less than a creative way of communicating relevant information about the industry itself. Is that a reflection of the people in this industry today or just some of those who visit this site. I suspect it has to do with the small group of negative thinkers who come here and some of those illl worded comments about appliances by people from the nuthouse whoever they are given their names and broken thought process about buying or using appliances. I am hopeful that those quality folks I know are really working to make the high end business what it was and should be. The newer products really look good from everyone and it appears there is a move to improve the business climate. Good luck to those really quality folks who work so hard every day to make this work. See you later.

  5. Ok I am curious…two replies were made to my post above by AS, yet I am unable to reply directly in line with them. Anyone know why the reply button would not be below his two posts, yet it does show up on other posts in this thread?

    As to your comments AS, as I stated before, your attempts to goad me into a verbal battle will not work. If you want to speak professionally to me and without attempting to make it a personal attack, I am open to discussion. Otherwise there is no need for us to debate. As Advisor has said in the past, there should be no need for a sheriff on this public forum, I will not provide the reason for one to be needed.

    • Tag.. So I am wondering how your business is doing ? I understand that the high end still struggles a bit but you would not notice it in the cost of the products. Everyone is more cautious , conservative and probably more pragmatic. It does appear from the supplier base that Wolf / Sub Zero is the busiest and does have some great products. What is it that you do in the business ? I hope you are well.

      • Business is doing well. Volume has remained flat for 2008-2011, with good growth in 2012. Being flat for those years, given the economy, I count that as growth. 2013 is off to a good start, with our Sub / Wolf / Thermador business doing quite well. GE Profile and Bosch are still the big movers for package sales. LG does well, KA seems to be fading on individual sales but slight increase in KA packages. Speed Queen laundry still sells, but not as strong as it did the past 3 years, mainly because they went from $629 to $779 in 3 years for a basic 2 speed old fashioned washer. The service part of the business is going strong, and parts sales are up, especially with customers replacing their own ERC’s.

  6. Ok Tagout. But I am curious , personal attacks are ok for you to hand out but you just call them truthful ? I respond and you cry foul ? Just so I am clear , whatever you say is ok , whatever I say is goading ? As for discussion you are open when whatever you write is not challenged and you write that off as me attacking you. Just for the record look back at your attacks , comments and the like and ask yourself if the rules apply to just everyone but you. You have mentioned meds , crazy and other items to me. I am just pointing those items out but you get the picture. You hide beyond this site and insult me every time you get a chance. I respond you don’t like. The fact is you are a completely negative person on most issues and as I said in so many words grow up. You act like a baby to be frank.I certainly can see right through you. As for your dilemma , respond to a post by hitting reply , that should work.

  7. You can’t be serious. You with your ” the sky is falling ” negativity and then your personal attacks on me. I suspect you can dish it out but can’t take it. However you are good at putting your own spin and playing the ” what me ” ? card. You are one of a kind.

    • I once again redirect you to my statements about not getting dragged down to your level of conversation. As I stated, if you want to talk in a professional manner, let’s debate. But when you want to do personal attacks, there is no point in talking.

      You refer to the past when I admittedly did digress to your level of discussion. Again, as stated before, I will no longer drop to your level of discussion when you take it to a personal attack. When you want to talk professionally, I am willing to discuss. The past is the past, and yes I did get quite aggressive with you in the past. But again, I am not going there anymore.

      • You say things enough and eventually you believe them. You were the comical one who started the attacks. If you are an example of what is left in the appliance industry then no wonder sales are off. You come across as irrational and somewhat angry and definitely looking for a negative spin to some pretty good manufacturers who have many good people. I am mystified that if you do sell products how in the world does your personality deal with retail traffic ?Don’t come across as innocent because you are not.

  8. thank you for so eloquently proving my point that you have repeatedly failed to grasp. I am following the rules set forth by Advisor and not creating an environment where babysitting of children is required, where a sheriff is needed, where moderation of adults should not be needed. I claim no innocence for my past posts, for I did refute your statements quite aggressively. I do dispute your statement about my initiating it. But again…for the FOURTH TIME…I am not engaging you in conversations that you drag down to an unprofessional level.

    As to being mystified on how I sell and deal with retail traffic…well…since I have been doing this for 26 years, I must be doing something right. But I steer my customers in the proper direction, into what I know is a solid product, and I do not sell or display what I know is a problem product, such as Viking that we discussed earlier in this thread.

    But regarding your multiple attempts to bring me back to your unprofessional level of discussion as exhibited in this thread…my posts speak clearly for my position, my admissions, and my current stance on how I will discuss things. If that is not enough for you to understand what I am saying, then we have nothing else to discuss regarding the manner.

    • Full Stop.

      I have received a complaint that this tread, and perhaps others, have left the rails.

      I will be reviewing the discussions for conversations unrelated to appliances, and a minimum threshold of civility.

      Reduce my workload. Play nice.

  9. On this tread. I believe we left the rails May 17, immediately after Tagoneo added on May 15 a current news reference to this ApplianceAdvisor.com story on the subject of Whirlpool hazardous waste problems.

    tagoneo says:
    May 15, 2013 at 3:12 pm (Edit)

    Whirlpool cancer cluster families file in federal court after they find a possible carcinogen in the attics of every home involved:


    Appliance Stallion says:
    May 17, 2013 at 8:41 pm (Edit)

    Tag.. Way to go. Keep the negativity coming. Perhaps There is more going wrong that affects people and you can report it. I suggest you help humanity in some small way. Ever think of moving to Siberia ?

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