Walmart Promises Increase of US Purchases 1.5%

Walmart makes $335,000,000,000 in purchases each year.  Over 60% of Walmart purchases are of imported goods.
Walmart released a press release touting their decision to shift 1.5% of its purchases from imported to domestic suppliers in the appliance sector. 

That’s something……………..we guess.

Come back to us when you decide to transition, within 10 years, 100% of your US and Canadian appliance sales (small and major) to US and Canadian manufacturing.

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  1. Analysis

    Since GE is enlarging their manufacturing base in Louisville, and since it is known that GE executives see Walmart as a prime target for expanding their business, it is logical to presume this 1.5% is going to mainly come from Walmart buying more GE products.

    GE has the best distribution in the industry, and can provide the needed logistical support (just like they did with Home Depot originally).  GE has one of the broadest lines in the industry.  

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