Viking Insulted While Injured

Is there any better definition of piss-poor luck than this?
In the middle of a global downward realignment of expectations.
When most are wondering if this week’s check is their last.
When job 1 is defining the future and figuring out how to navigate it. 

Viking is hit with the recall of one of its least important product lines, its toasters. 

CPSC Recall

Viking is recalling 10,000 Chinese manufactured toasters because of an electric shock hazard.

Just a thought;  Viking might consider importing their Wok units from China, but making their sliced bread toasters here in the US.

6 Responses to Viking Insulted While Injured

  1. This recall is the least of their worries. Viking continues to lose market share because of poor quality products. They really should evaluate their MAJOR appliances and ditch the small stuff so they can get at least one good product on the market.

    • Some of these products being produced in China are a result of third world thinking distributors here in the US. who think you sell by price first. Some of them know who they are because they have admitted to me to be third world distributors . Viking wants a broad product line and be a one stop shop. That is where leadership comes in. Do what you are good at and if you think you have to grow 30% every year maybe just take a step back and revise that thinking. Not to criticize Viking because they all think that way and when you decide to make a product you don’t know much about it takes attention away from your core business.They are not the only ones guilty. Sub Zero , Dacor, just to name a few, all have done that. Where have all the leaders gone ?

      Some have left the industry because of narrow minded CEO’s driven by their egos.With all due respect.

  2. I’m surprised each time I see the old refrain that keeps popping up from certain quarters that "Viking is losing marketshare and builds poor quality products".  When it comes to major appliances, my observation and the observation of informed Dealer parties I talk to is the former has never been the case in most major market regions, and the latter doesn’t have any relevance to today’s realities.  It’s as though some parties think if they repeat this mantra often enough, it will somehow become true. For those who choose to keep clinging to 2004 and those comforting delusions, good luck in 2009.  Keep grinding those axes!

    • To Kona….I am an informed indivdual who was very involved in the high end business for many years and chose to leave the industry with no axe to grind. In a respectful way I will disagree with you from the position of first hand knowledge. We would purchase many models and products from all high end competitors and from a design perspective , Viking has very good products that appeal to a large cross section of the high end population. However they had their share of problems , like most others. They do a great job of bringing attention to their products with the different colors at shows and that brings a lot of attention to their products. Great marketing. Fred has my respect to take a company from nothing to where it is today. From a performance point of view they have outdone all competitors in terms of dollars and sales. Dealers ? If they are making a good margin on the product and it is an easy sell like it is in the high end they will always be cordial about that product. Viking has to deal with the warranty. I have a handful of high end friends who have chosen Viking ranges for the look and have never used them choosing to have another product to use to get dirty using the Viking as a status symbol. They have a good company however they all suffer from reaching too far sometimes therefore creating problems they are not necessarily reponsible for but have to answer for. I stand by this and my other statements in a respectful way. I hope Viking continues to grow as I think Fred is the best of the CEO’s in the high end with a great marketing team.Your turn….

  3. Appliance Stallion is wise.

    Best lesson I ever took from business school – confirmed from decades in this business:  The only certainty is a rapidly changing and evolving landscape.  Pay close attention dumb%#*+’s (students), or you’ll get run over by a bulldozer.


    • Thanks… It takes some bloody fingers to gain some of this knowledge. They never tell you that in Business School though. We probably would not have listened anyway.Stay sharp and nimble.

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