Terminator V:  Rise of the Appliance

Terminator V: Rise of the Appliance

GE and Whirlpool identified by Consumer Reports Magazine as brands with Microwave ovens that switch on by themselves.  This is an unintended feature which might result in an inferno and the death of the home owners while he or she sleeps.  Except in assisted living facilities, and nursing homes, this type of demise is usually termed a negative outcome.

GE termed said 83 reports (6 involving fires) as a “product quality” but not a “product safety” issue.  Many were not even false starts at all.  Not to worry.
Whirlpool had initially denied its problem entirely, but last week finally confessed, that the problem actually exists, and will pay for repair.

Back in 2007, Thermador’s hybrid induction/ radiant cooktop went on by itself.  See ApplianceAdvisor.com story.


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  1. Reminds of a service call I had with a F&P dishdrawer that used to come on by itself. Since F&P swapped out 2 previous machines for the same problem. They thought it had to be hookup or something with the house. They were right. The woman had cockroaches. So when one would cross between the controller & the frame’s prism. It would power up machine. Funny part was she insisted she never had them before, so they must have come with the unit. Which is possibility. But since her home was a pig pen, my guess would be they were hers.

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