Terminator IV: Rise of the Appliance Exclusive & CONFIRMED

BSH hybrid induction/radiant cooktops branded "Thermador" or "Bosch", and manufactured in Spain by BSH subsidiary Electrodomésticos Balay, are being recalled around the world (or at least USA, Canada, and Australia), because the tops include one of the most technically advanced features to be found on any appliance; they turn themselves on and cook without the need for human activation….or for that matter without engineers having designed the feature into the unit.  BSH is negotiating with several laser cutters, 4 CNC machines, and the ring leader, a materials handling-bot, to stop production.
UPDATE Jun 27:  Thermador is recalling 27" and 30" single ovens and combi ovens + microwave built between November 2004 and the present.  The units may be missing insulation creating a risk of fire (outside the oven) during self-clean mode.  The units are safe for cooking.

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