Sub-Zero / Wolf Drastically Cuts Carbon Output

And its Platinum output.  In fact Sub-Zero and Wolf have canceled not just all its "Carbon" and "Platinum" colored appliances, but has also eliminated several specialized handle options.  Sources tell us that around 100 SKUs have been eliminated because of slow demand.
Stainless steel appliances continue to be produced.

One Response to Sub-Zero / Wolf Drastically Cuts Carbon Output

  1. It is apparent that Sub/Wolf are good listeners & watchers …

    1.   Besides listening to Designers and running demonstration events for them, they have listened to the association between Stainless steel and Pro-Style … To make my point I ask … How successful were any other manufacturer’s "colourful" lines ???   "Platinum" & "Carbon" were hues and textures which took a very adventurous customer … and a very insightful Designer !!!

    2.  All one needs to do is browse the ever increasing plethora of HGTV offers of remodeling shows, remodeling by designers shows, remodeling by decorators shows, real estate sale shows, real estate buyer shows, etc. etc. etc.   …  These shows are TELLING the watchers what they want !!!

    Remember the old joke about the difference between a DESIGNER and a DECORATOR … 

    A DESIGNER is someone YOU hire to tell YOU what works together and what doesn’t for your space because, for some unbenownced reasonYOU don’t or can’t !!!

    A DECORATOR is someone YOU hire to tell YOU what YOU like !!!

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