Sub-Zero Said to be Making Another Run at Dishwashers

An ApplianeAdvisor reader has suggested that Sub-Zero is in development of (2) ~$2000 dishwashers for launch Q1 or Q2 2016, and to be manufactured in Sub-Zero’s vacant Richmond, KY plant.
The dishwasher is said to take some of its “new” ideas from Bosch, and some from current distribution partner ASKO / Gorenje.  The reader claims that the dishwasher will feature a stainless tub, stainless front, capacitive touch controls, an LED which projects the cycle time onto the floor, and a washing system benchmarked if not based on the ASKO.

We imagine that SZ will have their ducks lined up and saluting before production begins, but the way to confirm that is to see if SZ is developing the dishwasher in-house, or with significant outside assistance.
If the answer is Inside, they are screwed.

Though we CANNOT CONFIRM THIS story, it does have a strong ring of plausibility.

The reader did not provide any information as to if and how ASKO is participating in the project.

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  1. Advisor: Some years ago Sub Zero did not know much about cooking products. It is safe to say they now make one of the very best. I suspect the same will happen with the new development. They are truly world class and do not brag about it , they do it. I will be in line to purchase one of the first ones they design and build.

  2. Well that’s a pretty silly thing to say. Who in their right mind wants the first of anything anyone designs and builds……….but I’ll take your comment as simple trust in the SZ way.

    Dishwashers are not cooking. If only they could be like cooking. Cooking products is picking components from a catalog and screwing them together (maybe a little bit more). A Cooking Product works in a predictable environment.

    Dishwashers are actually combining design, engineering, science, food safety, water safety, in an exotic always changing hot and wet environment perfect to destroy anything made by man.
    OH! And connected to a trillion gallons of water desperate to destroy your home.

    And you want the first one they make?

    • Remember people lead in many ways , one is taking risks. Several companies have broken new ground by taking risks. They have the balls to be successful and attempt to break new ground.

  3. Not so silly. Understand the way they do business and the care they take with all products. I suspect they have done and will continue to thoroughly test the products they design. Solid midwestern habits my friend. I still would buy the first one !

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