Sheriff Obama Lays Down the Law on Appliances

President Obama declared February 5th that all delayed appliance efficiency standards will be completed by August 2009.  All standards that had commonly missed their deadlines will be pushed onward to completion.
Just stand back and consider what has not been said: 

1)  That the power of manufacturers to delay the tightening of the regulatory screw is lost.  The power to dumb down the efficiency challenge, is gone.  In a stable economy, the screams of one industry can be heard, and quietly tended to.  In a thrashing economy in free fall, save your breath;  no one can hear you, and no one cares.

2)  That our nations greatest energy finds are in our homes and kitchens and cars.  That regulations will be formulated not primarily to saving consumer’s money, though that will be one effect, but to recover our nation’s energy independence and recover the hundreds of billions $ sent overseas for imported oil.


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  1. I will bet you this gets delayed and I am sure it will be on a tighter schedule though going forward. Truly there will not be a huge savings in appliances . The biggest savings has been refrigeration and air conditioning.Obama cannot work on so much at one time. Forget the McDonalds gotta have it now kick. We need to straighten out the economy or we will have nothing much to worry about.

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