DOE Audit Says: Energy Star Appliances May Not All Be Efficient REPORT NOW ATTACHED

The DOE released its Audit Report "The Department’s Management of the Energy Star Program"
This is a great read.  Among all the many other desperately needed changes the report recommends, it does sound like full independent testing is coming to major appliance energy claims.

The New York Times reported today: 
"The Energy Department has concluded in an internal audit that it does not properly track whether manufacturers that give their appliances an Energy Star label have met the required specifications for energy efficiency."

"Mr. Burt said the memorandum committed both agencies to having all of their products evaluated by certified independent laboratories, and to expand the Energy Star program to cover products that were not in common use when it began in 1996. No target date was set."

"The memorandum called for a “super star” program within Energy Star to identify the top-performing 5 percent of products, ranked by efficiency, he said."

Where did we first hear these ideas?  Oh, yes….we said it ourselves, in our December 2008 Open Letter to Secretary of Energy Chu

NY Times Story

Take heart ladies and gentlemen.  It’s ALL good.  As any good 12 step program will tell you, admitting failure is the first step to solving the problem and is a thousand times better than stone walling.

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  1. I have always thought that Energy Star was about as useless as it gets when politicians try for that "Kumbaya Moment" where they enact something that looks like it’s providing the public with useful information, but in essence is not !!!

    Kinda like Al Gore speaking about "Global Warming" but traveling to the engagement in his private jet which creates a far larger carbon footprint than if he flew coach !!!

    So now the American Recovery & Reinvestment Act is not worth the paper it was written on and we will now be guided by the next Memorandum of Understanding ???   Yeah, right !!!   

    Why don’t we save all the energy used for the offices (etc.) in which this was contrived … save some trees for all the paper they generated … and … stop lying to the public ???   Follow the money, baby !!!

    • Energy Star is not "bad", it just can be MUCH better.  It did a whole lot of good for a long time at very little cost.  It’s always the case with low hanging fruit.  Now we need more from the Energy Star system than self regulation, and a ratcheting of efficiency so slow that everybody, even the lame competitors can make the bus.  Hopefully that means that all this is going to change.  That competition will become more heated, and that the stronger competitors will be rated more highly than the weak.  The current system does all it can to hide this?
      Don’t go off the deep end on me now Bermuda.

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