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Introducing the new newsletter and the redesigned website with new tools both for us to scratch our industry’s scabs and for you to either understand, pile-on, or defend our scratches

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Jammed up with:       

  • Nixon-era dishwashers       
  • Scratch and Dent units piled 4 high       
  • Water powered machine tools       
  • New in box pilot light parts from 1978       
  • Chinese stainless steel coils which glow-in-the-dark       
  • Or just an overly chatty secretary with the faint smell of Sucrets

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Our Long National Nightmare is Over
One of America’s greatest examples to the world and gift to ourselves and our children are the peaceful transfers of presidential power over 219 years.**
(Nov 4 2008 – 10:37am)
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The News Tsunami
Send us your news….all of it.  Hip replacements, bathroom remodels, pacemaker installs, second home purchases, or prison stays.  Actual appliance news is fine, but we’re looking for…
(Oct 23 2008 – 9:43am) | Add Comment (3)
The Coast Moves Inland
Coast Wholesale Appliance of Western Canada, has reached
(Oct 31 2008 – 11:25am)
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BANKRUPTCY: "Antonio Merloni" of Fabriano ItalyAppliance maker Antonio Merloni of Fabriano, Italy is said to be near to declaring the Italian equivalent of Chapter 11, as reported in the Australia Current.
(Oct 30 2008 – 3:36pm) | Add Comment (1)

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