Dishwashers Implicated in Epidemic of Allergy and Auto-Immune Illnesses

Just in time for Sub-Zero Dishwasher entry………………. A Swedish study has found that dishwashers, and the hyper-clean western lifestyle may be the cause of the epidemic of Allergies. Eczema, an auto-immune disease, was found to be less likely in families who washed their dishes by hand, and more likely in families that used dishwashers.  Could… Continue Reading

More Interesting Sub-Zero “Cove” Dishwasher Niblets

A RENEWED WEBSITE Sub-Zero renewed the Cove Dishwasher domain name, January 29, 2015, 9 months prior to its expiration.  The domain was originally created in 2009. Though this is confirmed, it is hardly a smoking gun.  But it’s something. 1b)  Cove Dishwashers? Either they are following their path of a different brand for each… Continue Reading

Sub-Zero Said to be Making Another Run at Dishwashers

An ApplianeAdvisor reader has suggested that Sub-Zero is in development of (2) ~$2000 dishwashers for launch Q1 or Q2 2016, and to be manufactured in Sub-Zero’s vacant Richmond, KY plant. The dishwasher is said to take some of its “new” ideas from Bosch, and some from current distribution partner ASKO / Gorenje.  The reader claims… Continue Reading

Is BOSE Joining the Party?

Are they joining the party, or just supplying technology?  A reader noticed the BOSE Smart Induction Cooktop at CES and asked. Then we searched Google and found this: Patent Application 20140291316:  Induction Cookware of October 2, 2014 20120228282:  Cooktop of September 13, 2012 20120223086: Cookting Utensil September 16, 2012 20120132647: Induction Cooking of May 31,… Continue Reading

Appliance Sales Predicted to Decline Starting 2050

Global appliance demand is expected to level off in 2040 and decline in 2050 and beyond, reflecting the health of a key component of appliance sales, consumers.  The population of non-refugee consumers will begin a long ever-steepening drop, culminating in a collapse towards the end of the century. Major manufacturers have begun the difficult process of “skunking” out a… Continue Reading Donates Archive to Johnson & Wales University’s donated its archive of Kitchen and Bath Show materials to the Culinary Arts Museum at Johnson & Wales University.  The archive included notes, press kits, brochures, and copies of show photos from 1999 through 2008, 2009, 2010, 2014.  The museums Director and Curator Richard J.S. Gutman, was thrilled to leave with the 11 file boxes of… Continue Reading

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