New Website Design: Update

New Website Design: Update

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43 Responses to New Website Design: Update

  1. Viking sold! Fred forced out! Volume half what it was 5 years ago! One of the two bellweather logos in the high end and no one has a comment. Instead of spewing political rhetoric and boring most of us, how about some insight into the APPLIANCE industry. If I wanted mindless partisan drivel I would go listen to a speech from my (or any) elected representatives. Instead of a new knee, maybe AS should have received some type of intellectual enhancement.

    • Let us have it Michael25. Why was Viking sold, and then hollowed out? Is Sub-Zero another domino to fall? Dacor? Capital? What do you think? What do you know? What do you think you know?

      • Viking has been tumbling long before the recession. One major retailer described Viking as on “life support”. The products they made themselves were above average. All the products they “sourced” were marginal. It’s all guess work what the new owners will try and do. Big difference between domestic and commercial customers. Just ask Wolf 🙂

    • Here is your 15 minutes of fame Michael25.When you have been through and accomplished what many on this site have then perhaps you can comment. Most of us do have things to say but out of respect to the brand we leave it alone and hope that Viking will again become a great brand since this industry relies on good , solid companies and their products. Yes Viking was sold and Fred left. All the best to him and the new ownership. No one was forced out and that is your wild eyed speculation. There endth the lesson.

    • kingkastel or Amber ? Which is it ? Another fake who I have uncovered. Just stay away. The investigative stuff I get from someone in law enforcement works good on these evil people who come here.

  2. AS
    You insufferable blowhard. I have accomplished at least as much and probably more than you in terms of furthering the expansion of new and innovative products and sales and marketing concepts, AND have done it over more years as well. If you think your longevity on AA makes you an industry icon you are obviously as delusional as you sound in your posts. When you have some REAL insights into the industry (aside from Dacor) feel free to comment.

    • Michael25 are not worth the time or effort to argue with. You probably know more about everything than I do. After all you said so right here. Have a good life and engage with someone who may care what you say.

  3. AS
    You sir, can bully and berate, but providing actual insight, information, or facts without the baggage of undocumented opinion would seem to be beyond the scope of your intellect. This is an APPLIANCE industry site, not your personal billboard. When you can give us some meaningful news that is not skewed by the politics of idealogy maybe your verbosity would be worth it. Ah hell,I doubt it!

  4. One more time. You have nothing to say that would interest ,inspire or irritate me. I have no baggage at all and had a tremendous career in the appliance industry. I will continue to speak my peace whether you like it or not. I will comment on the industry whether you like it or not and the beauty is if you don’t like my opinion offer another or ignore what I say. You appear frustrated and angry. I suggest you learn to find the good in everything. I have differences with many on the site but I do respect their opinions , you should do the same.

  5. Stallion lets just see if he comes clean. I have 27 yrs in this great industry I just lost my mentor at the ago 74 recently who had 60 yrs in this industry and my dad (he’s alive) just retired after 60 yrs so this is in my blood. I thank Fred Carl for his dedication to such a great industry and I believe Viking will come back stronger and better. Fred you deserve this retirement go enjoy it while you can. A lot of us have personally meet Fred can you say that MIchael I’ve know him since he was designing the first Viking range and you know come come to think of I’ve DB from Dacor pretty long to good friends with my dad which means Stallion somewhere you and I have crossed paths I am sure.

    • Newsline…I would guess sometime in the 90’s we may have crossed paths. Maybe in the 80’s when I was with THD. In my later years in the industry I was at DCS and had my own business. I am sorry that you have lost your mentor and it sounds like you and your dad have had great careers in the industry. I , like you respect Fred and although VIking came on hard times I would challenge anyone to grow a business from nothing to $ 400 million. That is some accomplishment. Viking probably won’t have that personal touch but I hope they come back strong. Fred was one of a kind. I put him at the top of any list dealing with one’s impact on the business and the lives of others. Be well old friend. Aren’t we all getting along in years. Where have they gone ?

    • Once again who cares about your years in service, I would think most people on this site have a decent amount of time in the business. Why do you constantly drop how long you have been doing this…..Maybe its time to go and let the new regime take over…….
      FYI – Viking is going to be torn apart, 200 million in sales for a 12 month period is a joke. They were purchased for the cheap labor and empty manufacturing facilities.
      Viking and Dacor have been crushed by Thermador and SZ/Wolf stop talking about the way it was……adios

      • High End Fred…What a classy response. Perhaps you should respect what some people have done well over the years. Frankly it appears the new regime is already there and doing a lousy job.Look both Viking and Dacor have some very passionate and intelligent owners who have lived and breathed yjis industry more than you. They put their money on the line and took some chances so respect them a bit more than saying they were crushed. Sales for the entire industry has fallen off dramatically and there are more product offerings by more companies. Yes SZ/Wolf has done an extremely good job and no doubt took some of that business based on the SZ name. I also understand that Bosch too is doing well and the Thermador brand they bought helped that However neither Viking’s or Dacor’s owners deserve your comments. I suspect you have no idea the good both companies have done in their communities. Why would you ? Why would you care ? Here is hoping both of those companies can rebuild their sales and become stronger ,it helps everyone Fred.

        • AS

          Once again who cares how long you have been in the business. People come here to read news about the industry not the History of the industry! Class….why dot you have some class and get in for wheelchair and roll away! Seems like you and your old school friends have an agenda here to propagate about the brands you worked for key word being worked for. Most of the people who read this are still active in the business. From reading your posts you must be an engineer certainly not in sales as you would have been thrown out of every showroom you spent 5 minutes in…Roll away…roll away

  6. Appliance Gelding…er..Stallion…Your self promotion, self aggrandisement, and self delusion are becoming tired. Until you have actually worked with some of the people you like boast about your replies are meaningless. Respect of opinions can only be earned. Oh yeah, Newslines, 27 years makes you a rookie and maybe you should hire someone to proofread your typing.

    • I have been in the business world for over 40 years and have been involved in several industries. I did that purposely to broaden my exposure to different businesses and manufacturing. I have led the turnaround of more than several businesses and surprisingly you don’t have to work in the appliance industry alone to be good.So I suggest you stifle your comments on people and things you obviously no little about. Your personal comments to me and newsline are out of line and have no business being commented on. As someone recently said about you , let’s hear your ideas and comments on your industry. I have my suspicions about your depth of knowledge though. You seem to want to engage in garbage only. How about offering something meaningful ? I don’t care what you think of me since it carries no weight in the world. How about you grow up some ?

        • Chef…Thanks , I will going forward. The knee is nearly perfect but the foot fusion still has some nerve ending pain which they tell me will last about one year. However it only really hurts when I walk barefoot. Go figure. How is business by the way ? How are you doing ?

          • Unfortunately. My back condition is getting worse. To point where Im thinking about doing the spine surgery. I wish I was able to collect Social Security disability benefits, but because I’m not an illegal imigrant, I am still waiting to be approved. I have a big workers comp exam coming up. So Im hoping the dr will finally admit he was wrong and approve benefits for me. Its been really tough not having any income in 2 years. Thanks for asking Stallion.

  7. Let’s debate the ideas not the people.

    Michael25: Seems a little unfair to complain about the content of the comments, when you have not made any of your own.
    Discuss appliances you suggest. Great idea.

    • At least we have silenced some of the idealogs and there have been discussions re the industry without the political overtones. Come on people, doesn’t anyone have any info? By the way, what ever happened to DD from Oakton Dist. and his federal legal problems?

      • How about you move on to meaningful discussion ? You only deal in dirt. Karma is a bitch isn’t it ? How about something you can help the industry with ?

          • Advisor. I am not familiar with this case or person but in business and the legal system it seems that the victims never are made whole …unfortunately.I hope in this case everyone involved gets close to what they deserve.

      • DUDE. ITS THE FREAKING APPLIANCE BUSINESS!!! Its not like there’s something happening every hour of the day thats news worthy. Its as exciting as watching paint dry. Thats why I got out of it when I was younger and entered the restaurant biz.

        • I am trying to figure out what they have silenced anyway.I suggest these guys don’t even work period. tHey are just troublemakers. No impactful contribution to society.

  8. AS

    How can you tell everyone on this site how much you know about this business and don’t know what case this is? As we all know you have been in this business for 40 years and know everyone at certain companies….well how the hell do you not know about this case?


    • HEF…Are you serious . I just prefer not to comment on the case. Best way to do that is exactly what I did. You are quite the naive individual now aren’t you ? Ever been played before ? Sometimes it is classy not to directly comment but why would you care ? You are of the breed who likes to hide behind the keyboard. I suggest you just move on to the next site to be an anarchist. You have no business even being here.

      • WOW!!! Stallion, I cant believe some of these posts lately??? Dont know how you are expected to know of what’s going on with a Mid-West company & distributer, when you live out in Southern Cal.


        • I guess if you don’t know what they know that makes them smarter huh ? They know so much I wonder what they know about their jobs. That begs the question , do they work or just travel from site to site raising havoc ? I would put my money on the latter. I suppose I should know what the Maytag repair man is doing in Iowa CIty. To their thinking that makes me a genius. Do you suppose they are part of the generation of trophy kids ? I bet they are.

          • Stallion. They remind of this hot shot refrigeration tech I worked back in ’80s. Kid could have been working with his father & uncles doing commercial service work and making great money. But because of his huge ego, he thought he was better & knew more about the biz than they did. Ended up repairing home appliances working for peanuts.

  9. Fred

    Stallion may not know the case, but his comments are valid. The individuals harmed in this case will not be made whole, but hopefully DD will get what he deserves. I had my own run-ins with Marv from time to time and our relationship ended badly, but I a great deal of respect for him and was sorry to see the business he built run into the ground by a guy like that.

  10. HEF…I guess living in SoCal insulates you to the goings on in your industry east of the Nevada border. I did business with DD when Marv owned it. DD never had it together, it was all smoke and mirrors. By the way, if he is out there, PG from Oakton can give a better accounting of the situation plus an insight into the events that led up the sale of Viking.

  11. Michael25….How about I don’t give shit about the issue. Too busy oiling my wheelchair and talking about the past while having dinner at 3:00pm in my pink shirt.

  12. Advisor get control of the game. You’ve unnecessary roughness, intentional scolding…throw a flag!
    I knew all those at Oakton, and someone there did bad things. But I think we need to let go of the idea of him being punished. He lost everybody who ever gave a damn about him. That has to be his own prison.

  13. Will the new site offer the use of the Avatar Box ???

    One suggestion to make things easier to read might be to highlight the Member in a colour … it breaks up the black & grey snow-blind effect that makes it burdensome to read and causes boredom, etc.

    Which time zone are the posts logged in at ???

    Nice changes:
    – Glad we can get e-mail notifications, thus eliminating the need to scour the site for comments …

    – Glad the site no longer disables my spell checker …

    Rock On !!!

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