New Services from

  •  Two-step Distributor page for distributors to give their sales spiel, list their brands, territory of coverage, sales offices and websites.
  • Career Search page for:
    • manufacturers, distributors, dealers, etc to list and fill job openings faster and cheaper
    • appliance professionals to search openings, or to actively market themselves by listing their resume with us. 
  • PR Bizarre page, for our friendly Public Relations companies to finally have a chance to sell something they know something about….themselves.
  • Brands seeking Distribution: Currently we list these on the Business Opportunity page, but perhaps this will be upgraded

So everyone get off your tuchus, and help us make the industry tool it was born to be. Try out these new pages, list your job opportunities, find a new distributor, tell us what needs improvement.  If you use ’em, we’ll keep ’em.

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