New Product Solves the Appliance Water Hose Failure Catastrophe Scenario

A new Internet-of-Things product currently on a Kickstarter Campaign solves the problem of Dishwasher / Washer / Refrigerator water line and valve failures which can easily result in ten$ of thousand$ in damages.  If we remember one of these fiascos, we can name a hundred.
The Water Hero, now in a Kickstarter Campaign through Christmas, monitors water flow into the house at the water meter by reading the magnetic pulses the water meter produces as it spins.  It watches for unusual flows such as continuous flows as small as leaks and as large as burst pipes, on an overlay of User Home or Away modes, seasons, and normal usage profiles.  It Alerts the User and/or automatically Shuts off the main manual valve based on the flow size and user preferences.
Water usage data, programming, changes in mode, and even operating the main shutoff can be accomplished from any mobile device (or from your PC).

The best part is that the device installs in a few minutes DIY without a plumber, without cutting pipes.  The unit is priced at $199 (with significant discounts on Kickstarter), which is 1/4 to 1/15 the cost of other units on the market.

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