New Home Pro-Style BBQ Line from New Commercial Line. New Pro-Style Cooking Probably On Way?

Tens (hundreds?) of Millions of new $$ is entering the high end appliance industry with the goal of gutting what’s left of the Viking market.
Entrepreneur Stanley Cheng, chairman of Hestan Corp, a juggernaut of cookware brands (yes cookware like Circulon, Anolon, even Farberware, and myriad of basic and celebrity cookware lines), is shoveling money at the task.
The Hestan Commercial cooking line was launched in 2014 in Anaheim CA, with a freakishly wide array of product from a 10 minute old company.  They claim that everything is made in Anaheim, CA.
(Did Hestan buy someone………I can’t find any evidence of it)

The Hestan Residential “Hestan Outdoor” BBQ line launches NOW, Q1, 2016.
They’ve got Eric Deng President.  He comes from Viking Commercial.
They’ve got Basil Larkin as VP of Sales.  He comes from Viking.
They are hinting at a coming Pro-style indoor cooking line.
They’ve signed residential distributors:  Distinctive, Doolittle, LUWA, Milestone, Pinnacle, and Purcell-Murray
And which brands do these distributors have which are most endangered of being kicked to the curb?  American Range looks like the weakest, but at least a few of these guys are already BBQ top heavy, so a culling is called for.
Will Hestan be the “positive” reverse image of the Middleby “negative”?  Stanley seems to lean to building, not buying, in the appliance world, and owns a Winery in Napa.  The growth and ambitions are a bit vertical, but that’s not so bad.  There’s no reports of him backing over puppies.  We’ll see.

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