Middleby Sues Fred Carl for $100M

Middleby claims that Viking stoves suck more than Middleby had expected, what with their cool ability to turn on their gas burners by themselves.  (which to me seems like a feature, not a defect).  Did we know that Middleby had paid $380M for Viking?  Well we do now.
The chances that Middleby gets anything close to even $20M for this issue seems slim to us.  There were 60,000 units involved in the recall, 75 reports of burners self-igniting and 3 burns (human) and 4 reports of fire damage, the largest one being $850.

(Correction:  We incorrectly reported that there were 75 reported fires)

How could this not have come up during Middleby’s gold plated due diligence?  Middleby must have seen all the claims.  They had not identified the epidemic.
Could Viking have also simply failed to identify the situation as an epidemic too?

CPSC Recall


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