Middleby Rewarded for Buying AGA

Middleby is rewarded for buying AGA, and it’s been about time someone was.  As Middleby acquires AGA Range (and all of the other orphan brands that AGA includes) Middleby’s stock continues to ride high, nearly doubling in value since September 2014.
It is an interesting mix and match assortment of brands which includes the dessicated, the exhausted and the lame……and yet it seems to be a winning formula for investors.
The Guardian reported that AGA sells 150 of its classic ranges each year into the United States, roughly the same number as children who’s tongue is frozen to flagpoles each winter in the United States.

Jade, Dynasty, TurboChef, Cooktek, AGA, Northland, Marvel, Rangemaster, Le Cornue, Heartland

The Guardian

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  1. The word on the street is that Middleby is not done. prospective companies that are on the list is a grill company, a dishwasher company and last but not least a refrigerator company.It looks like Middleby is putting together a residential appliance dynasty similar to the one they have in the commercial arena.

    • What’s the odds that a lot of these are still an attempt to support their “crown jewel” purchase, Viking? I mean, they have been trying to square that circle for a while now. They can’t get quality engineers in Greenwood, so purchasing manufacturers that CAN deliver quality products is ideal. So at some point I would think Range manufacturing would go to Jade, maybe Ovens to TurboChef, Marvel handles undercounter ,heck, AGA an produce that ripoff Tuscany Range , and if they can get a Ref , Grill and DW company then they have it all.

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