Middleby Reinforces Investments, Buys Uline: UPDATE 10/16

Uline lost its independence in 2006, so if anything the absorption of the undercounter fridge maker by the owner of Viking, Jade, Dynasty, and Turbochef shouldn’t mean much. More likely it’s the distributors who will get it here. Does ULine already supply Viking’s under-counter equipment? Milwaukee Journal

Not really an update, but a question about this acquisition, and whether its more of a quagmire, than we first surmised. ULine left Hadco Distribution (aka Viking East) on July 1, 2014 to join ALMO. ULine main competitor, Marvel then joined Viking East on September 16, 2014. (Texas, Oklahoma, Arkansas, Louisiana, Mississippi, Tennessee, Alabama, Georgia and Florida).
Marvel then expanded Potter Distribution’s territory from in the midwest.
(Anyone know who lost ground for these two changes?)

Now ULine is owned by the parent of Viking East, Middleby.  Where does that leave ALMO? What in God’s green acre was ULine thinking when they signed an agreement with ALMO moments before selling to Middleby?  And then of course there’s Marvel, which is, more than anyone else here, going to be screwed till the cows come home.
ALMO has been in the business for 10 minutes.
ULine has lots of options.
Marvel, Marvel, Marvel.  They are going to get spanked silly.  Either ULine will come back to Viking East or Viking brand will source its small fridges from ULine.
Can anyone tell us how Marvel isn’t dead man walking?

5 Responses to Middleby Reinforces Investments, Buys Uline: UPDATE 10/16

  1. How can the DOJ not review this acquisition? Middleby OEMs Perlick, distributes Marvel in the southeast, distributes Scotsman in the west, and now owns U-Line…

  2. Just like the DOJ looked in the biggest mess yet to come. GE appliance going to an off shore company named ELECTROLUX. lets keep hoping that when something like this happens again its an American company like Middleby buying another American co and keeping production and jobs in the USA.

  3. Middleby maybe an American registered company buying American companies, but they are leaving a trail of carnage with each acquisition. Look at Viking in MS. Middleby did more destruction than GEN Sherman and Hurricane Katrina!

  4. After reading AAA sales comments I’m beginning to feel that Middleby is trying to run Viking like a commercial entity .Middleby does not realize or perhaps care that Viking sells to Retail dealers then they sell to the customers. The food service industry customer wants the biggest bang for the buck. The retail dealer wants to have a business relationship with their vender as well as a personal friendship with their reps.the last few years Viking went thru major problems. poor quality,no UMRP,low dealer profits, poor availability. the one thing that kept these dealers selling Viking was the relationships with the sales reps and their bosses. When Middleby bought Viking, Every dealer was excited.they all were looking for a big turnaround
    and from what I hear from the retail dealer is it better happen soon.

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