More on Marvel / AGA /O’Rourke

Read the proceeding ULine story and Marvel’s participation.  Is Marvel / Northland / AGA suffering from a deep distribution malaise?

A tipster claims that there is an ongoing tiff / rift between O’Rourke Distribution and AGA, to add to the problems that Marvel may or may not experiencing with the new Viking East arrangement.

“There are orders that have been filled but not delivered.  AGA says O’Rourke is not taking their calls. O’Rourke says AGA is not communicating.”

Does anyone have any ground knowledge about what is happening, if anything here?

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  1. Distribution changes for Marvel have already changed in the Midwest. Potter has taken over distribution from O’Rourke. Good bad or indifferent it is already a done deal. How it went down was the odd part as Potter knew well in advance of O’Rourke that Marvel was out the door. The deal on paper between O’Rourke and Marvel said shipments would be going until November. Those shipments stopped about a week ago. The really fun part of this from the dealer’s point of view is that all outstanding orders from O’Rourke must be canceled in writing before Potter can place those orders they already had with Marvel. In the end, the dealers and the customers are ones getting screwed with their pants on by this pissing match.

  2. The only thing you wizards of smart at appliance advisor, Hadco, Potter and O’Rourke need to understand is this.

    Marvel has been plagued with stupidity since the lovable British bought them in 2003 and no Mr. Appliance Advisor it was not the fault of the employees in Richmond.

    Knee jerk reactions to market trends and a nonexistent business plan are largely to blame. Throw in the proverbial revolving door of middle managers and marketing geeks (directed by a guy who is more suited to selling Volvos in Peoria), low employee morale stemming from crappy salaries, never present decision makers and a retiring engineering dept and the future of Marvel is not hard to predict. It could be Richmond all over again and for very similar reasons. The British do make a mess of things you know.

    My advice to “Monty Python and his Flying Circus” is to divest Marvel and let the adults at Electrolux turn it around. By the way….take your flag and ridiculous stoves with you.

  3. It always seemed that the package of orphan brands that is AGA / Marvel / etc etc was a bit strange.

    I think its best to keep this discussions at a level above nationalism, even if done in humor.
    This is for reasons of truth (the English don’t make a mess of everything), PC we happen to believe in, and content The resulting debate between Americans and the English (our closets friends on the planet) would be very very boring and self-defeating.
    We support any ownership that chooses to manufacture in the United States. Full Stop.

  4. It could be me, but I believe that Northland and Marvel’s problems predate the purchase by AGA in 2003. They had reliability issues, stock issues, old technology and manufacturing issues. This is not AGA’s fault as they did update/upgrade the manufacturing facility. Their new products is an improvement that should have came 5 years ago. For this, AGA must accept responsibility.

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