LG Caught: Oh No! Not Again!

We are very very confused.  Help us try to sort out all the energy testing news from LG.

Item 1:  Consumer Reports said this September, that LG’s French Door fridges were tested and show an energy usage 100% higher than the energy use promised on the fridge’s DOE Yellow Card.

Item 2:  LG, it has been reported, has programmed its refrigerator controllers to be able to identify DOE test conditions so that certain electrical functions are shut down when those conditions are met.  When the 90F ambient test condition was met the auto-defrost shuts down, saving lots of power, and lowering their Energy Star test result.  (Why is 90F the test condition?)

And now this:
Item 3:  LG has settled with DOE agreeing to compensate consumers of their French Door Fridge.  The LG French Door fridge is not Energy Star qualified after all.  During testing LG set the freezer temperature quite a bit warmer than required in the DOE testing standard, thereby reducing the unit’s power draw. 
Official DOE Release

Official LG Release

At what point could an independent observer (perhaps you) conclude that a manufacturer (perhaps even a manufacturer from our very industry) has traveled from the land of honest human error to the land of systematic fraud?  Would you need a smoking gun, or would circumstantial evidence suffice?

Talk amongst yourselves, but leave your comments here.

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  1. I can tell you stories from the insurance industry. Similar approaches, dealing with predictable events.  Significant when dealing with a discontinuity. In this case, the test is not performed continuously over a range of temperatures but just at X temperature.

  2. I can not believe that the U.S. Department of Energy signed that ridiculous agreement with LG. It fails to address even the most basic issues of the fraud LG perpetuated.

    The DOE agreement, for example, doesn’t even ask LG to address the additional global warming contributions their lies produced as unknowing consumers bought what they thought were climate-friendly, energy efficient refrigerators.

    I want my money back and LG refuses to provide it. It looks like I’ll have to file a class action law suit.

    For others that are just as upset, check out http://www.lgfridgefury.org


    • A disgruntled person looking for something for nothing. Why don’t you get a large ice bucket and store your perishables in the bucket.I doubt that LG is responsible for global warming for crying out loud. This is what is wrong with people . They judge everyone looking for an edge for a free handout. Just live with it. I am sure you must do everything right in your life and everything is perfect if you make the decision.

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