LAYOFF: Diva De Provence

Sources inform us that Diva VP of Marketing Amir Girgis has been layed off; another victim of the economic crash.
Mr. Girgis is an industry presence far surpassing that of the puny brand for whom he worked.  In fact, for most of us, Mr. Girgis was the brand.  Mr. Girgis may have been personally responsible for the return of induction cooking to North America, for his great success in induction begat a myriad of followers.  Through his efforts, Diva is also the only manufacturer to have solved the technical challenges of an all electric range with induction top.  Production began this year.
Quick!  Someone grab him.

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    • It seems that you are correct, but the point here is not that Figidaire was able to build some piece for Kenmore, the point is that we are recognizing the loss of someone who has changed our industry, a change that we can all see. 

      Amir  saw an opportunity with the Diva line and he made a go of it.  The decision to launch induction reflected his identification of an unmet need, pro-style gas performance from an electric appliance.  This was not a secret technology, but it was a technology that failed in its last outing 2 decades ago.  This was a technology that was avoided by those who should have had more courage.  It was Diva, under Mr. Girgis’s leadership, that re-developed the segment and made it safe for the big brands to re-enter.

      In 6 years, he was able to turn all that around.  That is the point.

  1. Amir is a very good Marketing person. Their problem was the iceberg moving engineering efforts that seem to have hurt others in the industry as well going back 10 years or so.I think the product is too expensive in large numbers for the current market and the investors have no time for it to grow.He would be a very good hire for someone looking for a hard worker with a vision.Merry Christmas Amir….

    •  i met amir shortly after i started metallo arts, he is by far the best marketing person i have met… above that he is also a great friend to have…. one thing I KNOW is he will not be without a job for long.


  2. I gues it doesn’t surprise me to see the number of people commenting on this news item. I had to get on just to put my two cents in. I feel for Amir, its gotta hurt to have spent your life building a brand that cuts you like that. At the same time, its an exciting time to watch.  I know a lot of people are watching to see where he ends up, because that will tell a lot about the future of the industry. Best wishes to Amir and whoever ends up picking him up!

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