More Interesting Sub-Zero “Cove” Dishwasher Niblets

Sub-Zero renewed the Cove Dishwasher domain name, January 29, 2015, 9 months prior to its expiration.  The domain was originally created in 2009.
Though this is confirmed, it is hardly a smoking gun.  But it’s something.

1b)  Cove Dishwashers?
Either they are following their path of a different brand for each segment, Sub-Zero for cold, Wolf for hot, Cove for wash.
Or, they are allowing themselves to believe that they can limit the damage across the company if they screw-up the dishwasher.

One of our readers sent us an invitation to a Focus Group being distributed to Sub-Zero owners in the Madison area:

Dear Wolf/Sub-Zero Appliance Owner,
Wolf/Sub-Zero is conducting an opinion study with customers in the Madison area regarding dishwashers.  We are asking customers to come to their research center in Fitchburg where you would try out and give your opinion on some new dishwasher models.  For your time and input, you would receive a cash gift of $100 as a thank you for your participation.  Please be assured, no sales are involved – this is strictly for research purposes only.
If this sounds like something you would be interested in, please call the market research company that has partnered with Wolf/Sub-Zero on this project, (name removed by, at (phone number removed by between 5:00PM and 9:00PM and ask for (name removed).  There would be a few questions we would have to ask you at that time to determine if this study is appropriate for you.
Thank you!

Is this invitation real?  No confirmation yet.  But it is much more credible in light of the Domain renewal.

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