GE Sold to Haier

GE Sold to Haier

With the sale of high cost GE to low cost Haier, we wonder, what will become of all those GE employees, not involved in sales, marketing, and product localization.
With Chinese factory workers making a tiny fraction of US wages, and the recent slow down in the Chinese economy making those workers both less expensive and less mobile, we wonder what Haier will do to quickly cover the $4B investment to buy GE?

Well that’s a puzzle.


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  1. Greetings All !!!

    I have to admit I had LG as the early odd-on favourite, but with the turnaround Haier attained in their relationship with Fisher Paykel, I’m not all that surprised …

    I’m sure Barry’s Administration will be all hugs and kisses for this merger as opposed to what they thought of Electrolux … I guess that’s what happens when Jeffy Immelt is Barry’s “Jobs Czar” …

    Jeffy, A “Jobs Czar” is supposed to be looking out for AMERICAN jobs, not facilitate the movement of American jobs to China, unless, of course, that’s what Barry REALLY wants !!!

    After all, Barry hasn’t done a thing for the stupid country that elected him, but be an apologist and do everything he can to weaken our country !!!

    Bastard !!!

    Rock On !!!
    Bermuda Bob

  2. I was hoping that Middleby would have made a play for GE.At least the jobs would stay in the USA.I feel that jeffie boy was afraid the Koreans, with introducing new products every month were capturing market share with their deep pockets and no sign of slowing down. LG is now peeking around the corner at the premium brands and close to introducing luxury stainless steel ranges and Refrigerators products in 2016. And speaking of premium appliances GE’s monogram display at kBIS was a joke.less then a dozen pieces total, compared to Vikings half of the back wall along with all their other brands, no wonder they were best of show. I’m sure haier will do better with the GE display at the AD show in March.

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