F&P Not Haier Minion:  Plans Afoot to Conquer Earth

F&P Not Haier Minion: Plans Afoot to Conquer Earth

Fisher Paykel is planning full spectrum product launches in the lost continents of Australia and New Zealand as well as North America, China and India, so says F&P CEO Stuart Broadhurst.  There seemed to be some indication in press reports that F&P will as well leverage the DCS brand across all markets.

While much of the real technology development for luxury appliance makers is done at the supplier level.  (It’s why most of them look alike.)  F&P corporate overlords have evidently decided to make significant investments into the company, funding an increase of over 100 R&D positions in Auckland and Dunedin.

Fisher Paykel has always differentiated itself by investing in its own technology.  The dish drawer, the freezer drawer, the gas burners that rose from a flush glass top, the dryer that managed lint, the super efficient top loading washer.

Question:  Does F&P have the kind of sales foot print which will support 100 R&D positions?

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  1. Earth to F & P. When you determine that you do not know everything and you get input from customers perhaps you will grow your business. Did they learn from what they did not do with the DCS brand ? I won’t hold my breath.

    • Stallion, to me it looks like F&P hasn’t learned a thing,especially with the North American market. Instead of spending money on developing more “BELLS & WHISTLES”, they should focus on manufacturing a well-built, reliable, dependable product, so that the consumer can get their money’s worth.

      The only reason my F&P washer & top-load dryer has lasted so long, without it being the service nightmare it has been for so many others, is because of my past experience as a tech for them. So I know not to use bleach in the washer, because it affects the seal of the drain pump. Causing a leak, that shorts out the pump & control module. I know about the lint build-up behind the grill, that needs to be regularly taken apart & vacuumed. If lint is allowed to accumulate. It blocks air flow, thats causes poor drying & will trip the resettable limit t-stat.

      I know F&P has the same belief as PT Barnum, that a sucker is born every minute. But in USA, if a consumer gets burned really bad, as is the case for many who have bought F&P appliances, especially the dishdrawer. With today’s social media & the internet, it doesnt take long for the word to get out. That you’re going to greatly regret making that purchase.

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