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    Ok all my fellow appliance gurus….I have been asked this question for years, and I have yet to find a solution. Customers do not want the noisy Jenn-Air type of downdrafting range anymore. But they do not want to drop a hood from the ceiling over their island. Is anyone aware of a telescoping downdraft system where it will mount up tight to the range for maximum effectiveness?

    What would seem easy is to just dismantle an existing telescoping vent system, flip the telescoping intake portion around backwards, and then just use an extra deep island to accommodate the venting requirements side now facing away from the range. But I am having trouble finding one that something like this can be done. Have any of you been down this road and found a viable solution?

    Oh how I miss the Thermador cook-n-vent ranges. Would have fixed all my problems.

    Suggestions and ideas please.

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    In most if not all downdrafts, the blower and the plenum push against the oven thereby pushing the entire unit to the back on the counter.

    Dacor used to have a unit allowing the installation of cooktop, built-in oven and downdraft in a standard counter. No one else did.
    I’m not confident that this option exists anymore.

    How about this:
    Buy a downdraft with a remote blower, and an HVAC firm bend some metal to allow venting out

    • vertically down,
    • or to the back,
    • or to the left or right as required in your installation.

    And send a picture.
    It will break your warranty.


    Dacor’s 30", 36" and 48" Epicure Dual fuel ranges are designed to accept their one model of downdraft vent – ERV30, ERV36 and ERV48. An inline or exterior blower will need to be used. Also, The new JennAir and KitchenAid pop up vents are designer to have the blower flip around to the back like you suggested. This will require a deep island and to my knowledge is not advertised as being designed for their ranges though it would likely work.


    "What would seem easy is to just dismantle an existing telescoping vent system, flip the telescoping intake portion around backwards, and then just use an extra deep island to accommodate the venting requirements side now facing away from the range. "

    What you are describing is an Electrolux telescopic downdraft vent. If you go to their site and look at the technical specs, you will see it is designed just as you requested. 🙂



    Gentlemen, thank you very much. In researching the Electrolux and KA units, it can be done as described. The only hangups are that both companies say that it is not recommended, and that there is no cut sheet for using one of their pop-ups with a slide-in range. Regardless, for the customer that just has to be design driven instead of performance driven, I now have a couple options.

    Again, thank you gentlemen for the tips. This old dog has learned a couple new tricks 🙂


    Just got bit by Whirlpool and bad information in their specs – do NOT use the KitchenAid for this application. There is an error in the KitchenAid specs. While you can reverse the outlet to the back of the unit, they use a pivoting lift assembly instead of a screw drive like the Dacor or Electrolux, and because of the pivot lift, the motor and pivot assembly protrude 5 1/2" from the front of the telescoping vent assembly, thereby negating its use with a range.


    I just looked at their install instructions again and they definately do not mention that protrusion. I never used this one but did use a JennAir JXDR7361VS which worked fine in the same scenario. The new JXD7036YS may have the same issue. Were you using the KXD4636Y from KitchenAid?


    Yes, but 30" version KXD4630. It gets even better. I researched a Dacor and it looks like it will work. It also looks like the Electrolux EI30DD10 would work, but because their specs are not crystal clear, I called Electrolux and talked to three different people about its design – they kept giving me the same answer – "we would refer you to the installation specifications with the product or online". The Dacor drawings are at least crystal clear with excellent details.


    The new Faber down draft Scirocco Plus is 14" tall and can be put behind a range, cooktop, cooktop/wall oven, range top. The motor box can go on the back. The only protrusion in the front is a 1/2" cover on the duct hole. You would need a deeper island to accomodate the 13" deep box


    Dacor still has that unit…the ERV series. That is probably what we are going to use. The remodeler had the cabinets built extra deep so that we can make this install work. Their unit will vent down, back, front, side, and their drawings are fantastic! Now just the little matter of getting the customer to spend an extra $600 over the KitchenAid….


    See….now why can’t they ALL do specs and pics like Faber did. The specs and pictures Faber provides answer all the questions and leave zero doubt. Hey KitchenAid and Electrolux….get yer head out of yer *ahem* and take a lesson here!!!!! I am thoroughly impressed at how Faber shows theirs. Time to buzz Almo for some pricing.

    Appliances in t… (can’t see your full name) thank you very much.


    Hi tagoneo
    I’m having the same problem and want to find a unit that will fit behind my 48″ Viking range. Which brand would you recommend for the best price?

    The Advisor

    Not sure what Tagoneo’s response is, but you should not put a downdraft behind a pro-style range, even if the emphasis on “style” and not “pro”.


    Taganeo, are you 100% sure about the front-facing protrusion? I have been over the KitchenAid manuals and diagrams with a fine-tooth comb and I can’t see any evidence of this. It looks like you ought to be able to install the downdraft directly behind a range, place the ducting assembly behind the unit, and use a remote blower.

    Alice B.

    Both of the vents below have housing that can be reversed to have the bump expand the other way. We have a slide-in range in an island and cannot have an overhead vent. These two are what we found that will let us snug the vent right up behind the range and not leave a big gap.

    Faber Scirocco Plus Downdraft Vent – SCIR3014SS

    Miele Downdraft Vent – DA6480500

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