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    well is it?



    Well I believe its a step in the right direction and when others brands are sitting idle or going overseas for Customer service, its some forward thinking in an area that is going to be a major concern moving forward


    In some markets, it is a good idea… others it is terrible…

    In our market, with 4 servicers who were a minimum of 3 days out in dead of summer….to cut down to just one who is actually servicing 4 times the area we were….is a nightmare….then add the new wolf recall to it….

    I have fielded soooo many complaints….customers going at least a week with no refrigeration…then to have to call a business in a city over 50miles away doesnt make them happy either. Not to mention, the company knows they are now the only game in town and is charging accordingly.

    wolfman jack

    its been working great for two years in the selected cities.

    wolfman jack

    many appliances are sold by sales people who do not qualify the sale. ie: you will not find a mercedes service dept. in the mojave desert. why sell a very high end unit on a mountain top 80 miles from nowhare when you know the service availiability in nill? too many dealers are in it just for the commission and customer be damned! as i said its working great in the "selected" areas.


    …But in an era of computer wizz, where muscles are in the fingers and brain only, people who wants to have their hands dirty to work is hard to get. Appliance technician is an "endangered species". If this type of jobs was as valued as doctors, lawers, etc, and if we’d have more new advance trainings, and on the job training with experience techs or retired techs as mentors, more technicians would be on the road to cover more grounds!


    It is obvious that wolfman is either an employee of Sub Zero OR one of the Service of the Future (SOTF) servicers. Wolfman… Level with the people here and stop trying to protect one of the most unjustifiable moves a company can do to their customers. With 37% of worldwide sales in Southern California, they removed a great amount of great servicers to give to only two companies. The customers are pissed, the dealers are pissed and further more, the SOTF servicers are now charging an ABSURD amount to repair these Sub Zeros out there. One of my customers was given a 3000.00 estimate to replace a compressor… $3000.00!!! Customer opted to get rid of their Sub Zero and purchased a competitors model. For those doing the math at home. The score there is Sub Zero=0, Servicer=0, Competitor=1.

    Complacency is another factor to monopolization of territory. When there was competition, One would strive to out perform the competitor to keep the business. Now, I have rolled on units that SUPPOSEDLY the condensers were cleaned and the repair was far below par. The condensers were only cleaned 1/2 way and the drain pan was absolutely FILTHY.

    What is beyond comprehension is, The driving factor for Sub Zero’s success was their SERVICE. It is what made them rise above all others and the servicers were dedicated to Sub Zero. What did Sub Zero do? They took the best of the best and handed them over to the competition. Viking, Kitchen Aid, Liebherr, Dacor are gobbling these techs and companies up. And so, there goes the great lineage that helped Sub Zero all these years.


    Since Service of The Future was started in New England it’s like night and day. As a contractor I appreciate a manufacturer stepping and trying to make a difference. Maybe it won’t work in every market but its great news for consumers in markets where it does work.

    I am a dealer in Southern California and since the change the service level for Sub-Zero and Wolf is the best it has ever been. I am sure there were a few good servicers that can and do perform at a high level but the first time compleats with the SOTF are at a very high level which makes the customers very happy. I personally know the techs who covers my area and if need help with something he is glad to try to accomidate. That was not the case in the past. I would have to wait until what ever brand was paying the best warranty rate was fixed first. Customer suffered.

    Appliance Stallion
    This sounds terrific. I think Melman is confusing warranty work with out of warranty work. One would expect to have to pay something to replace parts after the warranty expires at some point. A truly world class breakthrough here.


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