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    Rumor has it that Sears is not wanting to renew Vikings brand name that they leased to viking in Canada. does anybody here have any confirmation to this.


    This is the first I heard about this (actually the first I heard that Viking was using their own name under license up there). What does Sears market under the Viking name – clothing? And if it is only clothing why would a company from a different industry need to license the name in the first place?


    Sears holds all the patents to the name Viking and its uses in many countrys. yes they currently use it for cloths.. i heard that the license is ending and sears wants more value…


    Very interesting. I am assuming that the Viking sewing machines are in some way related to Sears? What is the history behind them patenting that name? Also, was the Eaton Viking name a Sears Brand. If you google Eaton Viking range you get some great pictures of quality ranges we could all afford – even after we go over the "fiscal cliff".


    Since the 1940’s, Eaton’s an iconic Canadian retailer, had an in house brand called Viking ( just like Kenmore) the had full lines of appliances, TV’s and every other conceivable thing built with the Viking name on it.

    In the 90’s Eaton’s ran into financial trouble and declared bankruptcy. Sears bought some assets, store locations and relaunched several stores but ultimately closed them. One of the assets was the Viking Brand name.

    Imagine Viking Range Corps’ surprise in the 80’s when they found out they could not use their own name in Canada. They came to market under the Ultraline brand. in the 80’s 90’s and early 2000’s.

    At some point around 2002 2003 Viking Range and Sears reached a licencing agreement and Viking Range products were sold with the Viking name on them

    I find it odd that this issue would come up now. Sears seemed prefectly willing to take a chunk of Fred’s money for essentially doing nothing and Fred was more than willing to pay for these past 10 years.

    One of those things that makes you say hmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm


    Actually Viking Sewing Machines are of Swedish descent. According to their website: "Husqvarna Viking develops, produces, markets and sells high quality household sewing machines and related products, that enhance the joy of creative sewing.

    It started over 300 years ago.
    In 1689, the King of Sweden built a weapon factory beside the mighty waterfalls in Huskvarna.

    In 1872, some of the artisans working there switched from crafting firearms to making a peaceful precision product – sewing machines." (

    "VIKING is a trademark of KSIN Luxembourg II, HUSQVARNA is a trademark of Husqvarna AB. All trademarks used under license by VSM Group AB. ©2012 KSIN Luxembourg II," (

    I assume Viking is a pretty common name and Sears must hold a trademark (or it’s Canadian equal) to use the Viking name with appliances in Canada.

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