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    A comment was made on this forum about how bad the news was for Whirlpool corp not to be continuing doing business with Sears and they seemed to think that Whirlpool would consider chapter 13 based on this.

    On that note i had to login and reply. To think that Sears is the only appliance store in town is absurd, to think that not doing business with sears is very bad your correct but its not the end of the world.
    When Sears decided to consider its customers as simple minded, no brained, money bags was the day that started the clock for sears on the road to bad things and time will prove me right, as you connot continue to build based on price only. Sears gives a whole new meaning to “Value Leader”.

    Forum Poll: Who would you most trust for access for Parts and Service and intrust your next appliance purchase from the list below.

    1. Samsung
    2. LG
    3. Whirlpool Corp (all brands considered) makers of Kitchenaid, Jennair, Whirlpool, and many others ect.
    4. Electrolux (all brands considered) makers of Frigidare branded products ect.
    5. GE
    6. Bosch
    7. Kenmore (makers of nothing, yet dominate for sales)

    I know my list is short but these top 7 represent a very large market segment. I would really like to know your choice. Buy the way some will say that sears is not a manufacture! yes your correct they are not but for some people who done understand or read this correct and actually reply with sears as an answer will make me smile…

    I have to admit that just thinking about all the people Sears is about to sell into samsung built appliances makes me throw up a little in my mouth.

    Ah well, my wife just asked me about the new samsung Car…








    I have been reading the comments left on this site for a while, and I am astounded at how people are reporting "facts" about Sears, and the company’s decision to change manufacturers, that are so far from the truth that they may as well be reporting that all Kenmore appliances are now to be manufactured by Danby. Let’s set some facts straight.

    Sears has the opportunity to negotiate the manufacturer of Kenmore appliances every 3 years. They can opt not to renew a contract of a certain manufacturer, or change the terms, after 3 years. Beginning in 2010, Sears Roebuck has signed a contract with LG Appliances to manufacture direct-drive front load laundry under the Kenmore label. At this moment, I am unsure if that means Whirlpool will no longer be making any front-load laundry, or if the LG contract will be an exclusive. However, Whirlpool will be continuing to manufacture refrigeration, dishwashers, top-load laundry and certain cooking products under the Kenmore label regardless of the front-load laundry decision.

    In Canada, Sears has been in talks with Samsung and LG for a long time regarding direct-drive, and appear close to inking a deal with one of the 2. However, LG does not have the necessary stock to re-fit their products to the Kenmore brand. At this time, Samsung has the ability to do so, and has done so. Sears has added Samsung-built front-load laundry to the assortment, beginning this week, that laundry is hitting the floors. At this time, that does not mean that Whirlpool-built Kenmore laundry will be discontinued; the Samsung arrangement is an addition-to, rather than a substitution. Additionally, Kenmore front-load laundry built by Frigidaire will continue to be available.

    Again, the changes are only in the front-load laundry section. Whirlpool will continue to manufacture refrigeration, top-load laundry, dishwashers and certain cooking under the Kenmore label. Sears will also be carrying all Whirlpool-branded, Kitchen-Aid branded, Maytag-branded, Jenn-Air branded, Inglis-branded and Amana-branded products, just as is done now.

    I am not in a position to say that any of this will be true 6 months from now. However, I can guarantee you that it is absolutely true today.

    Applianceguy: Your poll above makes me laugh. "Who do you most trust for access to parts and service, and intrust your next appliance purchase to?" and right below, you discount Sears as an invalid answer. The fact that Sears has access to every part manufactured by all of the companies you list in your poll; the fact that Sears does have a large network of technicians to repair any appliance purchased anywhere, and the fact that Sears advertises that they will repair your appliance no matter where you bought it, makes it obvious that Sears is the only legitimate answer to your question.

    Bermuda Bob

    Lurker, if we were talking sports you’d justifiably be accused of being a "homer" … so, what position do you hold @ SEARS ???

    Bermuda Bob

    If anyone has contact with a member of Congress, it might be a good idea to suggest that they introduce legislation to force people like SEARS to fully disclose who makes their products which they slap their name on !!!

    I say this because I SEARS is not the SEARS of our parents and today’s consumer is more interested in the corporation producing their products, if not for any other reason than to be "Politically Correct" …

    So what about it, does anyone know a politician who would actually be passing legislation that would be useful to the consumer ???


    I take it you’ve never talked to a sales person inside a Sears store. If you had, you’d know that all you have to do is ask one of the people who work there, and they would tell you who makes whichever appliance you want to know about. You’d also be able to find out, for the most part, where the appliance was manufactured and how long it’s been available. That’s standard information that the sales person I deal with gives me anytime I want to know it. Hence the reason I deal with them.

    Bermuda Bob

    I will try and say this a gently and gentlemanly as possible, but I have never met a SEARS sales rep who was as conversant as even the worst local appliance store rep !!! They will tell you what they think you need to hear to make the purchase !!! As I said, the SEARS of today is not your parent’s SEARS … and will never be again … thanks to Eddie Lampert … another clone cut from the same swath as Bob Nardelli !!!

    My idea of disclosure is that the information on OEM be openly and clearly made part of the labeling and even the internet web page for the product !!! Fully disclosure right up front !!! There should be no reason for a consumer to have to ask … having to ask is disingenuous and reeks of subversive tactics !!!

    Very much like their "rebate" programme … when in essence the "rebate" is a credit against a future purchase AND has an expiration date after which the customer loses it !!! That’s not a "rebate" it’s a "come-on" for ignoramuses !!!

    Please don’t blow in my ear and tell me it’s windy !!!

    Appliance Stallion
    You think the sales people really know who makes the product ? OK ,but I think the tag on the product tells you who makes it. They cannot lie on the tag with the serial number. When our grandparents bought from Sear/Roebuck ,the company did choose the best product. I still think Whirlpool makes a very good product for the price category. The Sears buyers of today are what I fear.Some of them probably cannot tell you the competitive difference between the products they consider or quote. All they know is price.
    Bermuda Bob

    How right you are !!! The SEARS model is an excellent example of the difference between true Appliance Sales Reps and order takers !!!

    Appliance Stallion
    This is the new world order for executives who never had to lift a finger and then take credit for great savings in manufacturing.The only change is a blind dart thrown at the lowest price. Worked with a guy outside of appliances once who said he saved $22 million in production costs in one year with new manufacturing strategies.
    I told him frankly the only savings of that sort was to move items off shore. He said "how did you know" ? He takes credit for being a manufacturing genius these days. I don’t think he knows the front end of an assembly line from the back end. Similar to the retail buyers and their bosses. Cut price , move product ,fix it later.
    Bermuda Bob

    … "new world order" has been a substantial contributor to the our economy going to hell in a hand-basket !!!

    Outrageous executive compensation packages being granted for selling-out our own people … no accent on quality … and no pride in a job well-done !!!

    Poor, poor, pitiful we !!!

    Appliance Stallion
    Time for the revolution. We have taxation without representation and the politicians are not across the pond.We need something to let people in politics know what needs to be done.A cultural type of revolution so they begin to look at what we the people really want. Politicians have a tendency to think we are sheep and they know better. They need a different message from the people. We are too passive in holding politicians accountable these days.
    Spiney Norman

    bestlurker: you want A&E in your house doing service, go for it. I’d stick to GE or local, independent guys who know and care about what they are doing.

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