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    Appliance Stallion

    This can spur more effective and constructive discussion. Within the function section you can comment on reliability. I have no preferred feelings. I won’t comment on products since I developed the forum.


    This product always produces the most debate between customers and sales people. For some reason consumers believe all gas ovens cook unevenly and we know that all manufacturers have that goal in mind when producing gas ovens so, customers will gladly purchase the same range with an electric oven for 100’s if not 1000’s of dollars more. As for rating the different brands you would 1st have to look at these models the kitchenaid , jennair, bosch, electrolux, frigidaire, ge profile,ge cafe, viking, wolf , dacor , electrolux icon, ge monogram, dcs, kitchenaid pro, jennair pro and bertizoni. How can you rate a $1500 range next to a $5000 range? The question of reliability is tough I cannot say that any of these have a high rate of failure but, in some cases you do get what you pay for. Does a Viking 30" dual fuel range at $5000 perform twice as good as a Ge cafe dual fuel range at $2500 ?


    I went out on the Yacht yesterday pushed over 1 Viking Dual Fuel and 1 GE Cafe

    Viking hit bottom in 4.9 seconds

    GE full of plastic and foam floated a while then sunk 59.3 seconds

    Viking is the clear choice just ask Capt Joe..

    Appliance Stallion

    This rating should include all products. By specifying high end or cheap you automatically make some assumptions that may not be true. So in real world rating , rate them as we have listed. Don’t assume the high end is better, please . Happy Easter !

    Appliance Stallion

    Since no one has yet commented I took the liberty to canvas 103 dealer/distributors whom I have dealt with in the past and have some interesting results. I will publish late tomorrow since I am going to be out on business until late Monday.You may be surprised and the survey has to remain confidential because they spoke on the record as long as they could maintain privacy because of their ties with some of the organizations. Some of these folks who spoke own the dealer/distributorships.

    Appliance Stallion

    As I stated ,I took a survey of 103 dealer/distributor types who spoke on the record as long as they would remain confidential as to who they are. Typical for surveys I guess. Here are the results.Best is first…

    1. Thermador. Most comments on the PRD364EDG

    2. Kitchen Aid. A surprise.

    3. GE Monogram. Another surprise.

    4. Wolf.

    5. Dacor.

    6. Viking.

    For the top rated ones people liked the look but more importantly ease of use and service response.

    For the others it was a matter of service response and product difficulty in some of the uses. Apparently they all assume each company will have some problems and it is the response and corrective action that is most important. Funny , but the look was not as important as in earlier years, a surprise to me . Nothing terrible to say. Just their opinions.

    Bermuda Bob

    Stallion 103 is no small feat of execution !!! Kudos to you !!!

    I’ve long liked the THERMADOR unit you mention so there’s no surprise there,my only quibble with them is their decision to only supply any of their units with only two (2) ExtraLow Burners … I had a THERMADOR gas cooktop and replaced it with a DCS because they offered "simmer" settings on all burners …a very helpful aspect when entertaining !!!

    KITCHEN AID has come a long way with their products … maybe not a 2nd place for me but worthy of a top five (5) !!!

    MONOGRAM is essentially the same product as the DCS, who is/was OEM to them … one of the things I’ve always liked about that particular style is that all the burners are the same size, which (as an accomplished semi-pro chef) appeals to me because I hate when the manufacturer mixes up burner sizes, strengths, and orientation … Who are they to tell me what I need and where I need them ???

    I’d love to substitute the CAPITAL line for MONOGRAM or DCS, but they do not offer a dual fuel option, but otherwise are, I think, better suited for the serious home chef !!!

    I have never liked WOLF because of their burner orientation, and I have always felt that VIKING was originally the standard for Pro-Style, but has since fallen substantially … DACOR is a pretty face, but not popular in our area !!!

    Appliance Stallion

    Thank you for the kind words. You make some very good points on burner orientation. One product we had in the early 90’s one of our owners thought he knew best where the simmer burmers should be and argued with designers and then we compromised. Not a clear way of designing,seemed more ego. That product was quoted by the owner to "you should need a map to find the kitchen" montra for that product. We had many successful products after that but that is what people deal with sometimes. All of your comments are worthy consideration of those products however the majority spoke ,at least in the survey I conducted. Service seems to be the big thing. I agree and can relate to that issue. Thanks again. I do think the bottom three need to wake up and not live on the reputation of the industry of the 1990’s. They may be left in the dust that the others are kicking up and then some.

    Bermuda Bob

    Amen, Brother !!!

    I’ve always had a different approach to cooking appliances because of my background, etc. …

    That idea of not giving home chefs the flexibility has always frustrated me … I’ve always believe that if you give a good cook a superior product you will make them into a home chef … just like moving from a "common-man’s-grille" to a superior grille will make them a grille master !!!

    Not a bad sales technique, either !!!

    Appliance Stallion

    Spoken like a true , lifelong good cook !!!!

    Bermuda Bob

    Thank you very much !!!

    Enjoyed looking at brand new Italian duel fuel ranges at $4,000 price point.

    KBIS Atlanta Impressions

    Witnessed some really impressive Italian range offerings at KBIS. Duel fuel 30 inch, with heavy cast iron grating at $4,000 price point, looked really good. Also the new 30 inch all gas ranges that the Italian manufactuers are offering at $2,600 retail, looked the equal or better of anyone else in the marketplace.

    One Italian manufacturer had a preview pre-production gas under glass cooktop and word is they plan on having a 30 inch gas under glass range, before year end.

    The Electronic controls on the new Dacor wall oven line looked very advanced. Ability to change LED colors, plus the background color settings behind the LED readout were pretty amazing.

    Dacor had some impressive new ovens, with great apperances.

    There is a new line of appliances coming out in September, called Aficionado. Two refrigerators were on display at the show, and word is they had a private showing after show hours and before show hours at a local hotel.


    I never really was a technology type of guy so looking for the right appliances in my kitchen is always a headache. I spotted few things on Sears parts but I am also opened for other suggestions, this way I can make an accurate buying decision. Thanks for all the info!

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