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    Bermuda Bob

    In what apparently missed everyone’s radar setting this week was an announcement that starting in February, 2014, the International Builder’s Show and the Kitchen and Bath Show will merge and share the Las Vegas Convention Centre !!!

    In 2015, the show will expand and include the Surfaces Show and last an entire week.

    As many of us suspected over the years, it has finally made sense to everyone to get together during a slow period of the year and go to the quintessential place in the country for a trade show …

    So, despite how our President has disparaged anyone who goes there, I guess the fact that he spent more time in Las Vegas than anywhere else during the primaries, has washed any apprehensions or fear of political reprisal away.

    I think it’s long overdue and the fact that it will include a "soup-to-nuts" array of renovation products will allow the sensible attendee the opportunity for a week well spent to bring oneself up to snuff !!!

    The biggest problem will be cost for the attendee. A week in Las Vegas is never cheap, and neither show has a history of negotiating affordable accommodations. I just hope that someone wakes up and realizes that regardless of how brilliant idea this appears to be, giving a show now one can afford to attend and fully participate in is as worthless as having none at all !!!

    The Advisor

    Nice catch Bob.
    We don’t follow IBS so much, but unless they are experiencing the same problems KBIS has, we wonder what’s in it for them. It seems like an attempt to marshall forces against CES.

    It should be a great thing for KBIS. Lots more people, around, with KBIS being the more attractive venue than IBS.

    Las Vegas: The president did not spend more time in Nevada than other states, but it is possible he spent more time in Las Vegas than other cities, I couldn’t find that info.
    Most states have a myriad of habitable locations. Nevada…..not so much. If you’re in Nevada…..there is an excellent chance you are in LV.
    By the way: Vegas Casino’s have no real reason to exist. They make nothing, but just move money around. Seems sensible to tell folks that they should not gamble their money, or government money, during a recession. If Vegas disappears, wouldn’t it be a net positive for the US economy?

    Cost of attendance is not a problem that needs tackling. 2 days is more than enough for KBIS. After that, you’re playing.

    Bermuda Bob

    Hmmmmmm …

    1. I don’t quite understand your comment about CES, which is usually held during the first full week of the year, and from all reports had another banner year, exceeding last year’s records of approximately 150K …

    There are no shows that I am aware of that currently can be equated to CES. They have ridden the wave of the electronics explosion and that means a good things for everyone associated …

    I don’t think IBS nor K-Biz could ever dream of such a revival, which is why they are welcoming Surfaces to create a week long supersized show that basically means (according to the WSJ) only Orlando could compete with Vegas for floorspace.

    2. I didn’t say anything about Nevada, I said Las Vegas specifically … The place he demonized as too extravagant for businesses … The place we then saw governmental agencies under his watch go to … The place he showed up at time and time again, and even used to prepare for one of the debates …

    3. Las Vegas is, as we all know all too well, is what you make it … It may be called "Sin City" but the sin there only exists if one is looking for it, which could be said for just about anywhere on earth !!!

    It is, however, the quintessential place to entertain clients, reward employees, and do business like CES and other commodities have aptly demonstrated …

    4. I don’t think you understand the concept, but if you are correct that K-Biz takes two (2) days, then one needs two (2) days for IBS, and in 2015, a day for Surfaces … That’s a week, and a week is expensive unless the shows aggressively negotiate rates commensurate with attendees coming for a week !!!

    The idea is that there are many multi-faceted companies who could use a week of everything such a show could to aggrandize themselves in more ways than ever before, just like CES does for electronics people …

    I like it, I think it’s overdue, and I hope that they never accede to those who are afraid of Vegas !!! They learned by watching CES flourish and can do so if they continue to follow their lead …


    Bermuda Bob, your Vegas analysis is pretty much spot on. I plan on going there in a few weeks to the Nationwide show. If you are careful on hotel choices you can stay for a bargain. We are staying on the strip for less than $40 a night in a name brand hotel right next to the show. A stay in the hotel that is hosting the show will cost $240 a night (and that is the "negotiated"" rate.) I am willing to walk half a block to save $200 a night.

    Bermuda Bob

    … to stay on the same side of the Strip as the Convention Centre so you can take the Tram to the show !!!

    If your show is at one of the bigger hotels, there are plenty of good hotels close as you have found … Most people forget that two (2) major entities own most of the well-known properties on the Strip … The Venetian & Wynn are the exceptions …

    Now that you’ve done your homework and gotten a good price on your stay, you’ll have enough to enjoy all the culinary delights Vegas offers after you’ve walked your feet off !!! That’s always my favourite part …

    Rock On and have a great show !!! I only wish I were going …

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