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    I have been looking at buying Fagor kitchen appliances but am unsure of their track record. I have looked at buying their: 30 inch induction cook top, 24 inch refrigerator, 30 inch wall oven and dishwasher.. I would appreciate any advice out there on quality, servicing, canadian distributors etc




    Hey will someone call the two guys that run Fagor and tell the Hanson Brothers how great their Appliances are. Then maybe we can get some Distributor to invest

    a million dollars in Inventory… so we can move some Iron this Month
    The Advisor

    Fagor is one of the largest manufacturers of appliances in the world. It is based in Spain, and has been moving into the US market for several years now. We know the US management team from KBIS, and from advertising on this site, and have received a Pressure Cooker and Induction Hot Plates for testing. (These tools are fantastic, highly recommended, and cooincidentally used it just yesterday to make a pork roast. One of these days, we will figure out where we can discuss the these great "green" cooking accessories that EVERY home should have.)

    How are the particular major appliances which you are exploring? We have no direct information. Search the web for user comments, Gardenweb, Epinions, etc. This is a recommendation we would make no matter the brand. Beyond that, this is a serious company that makes its own appliances, run by people who in my estimation know their stuff. Fagor is as well big enough to stand behind their appliances. We judge the risk of dissatisfaction to be low.


    It would help to know why did you decide for Fagor? Was it the price? You don’t seem to know much of products quality or about the delivery system. I am also an appliance consumer, we all are, and when I get new appliances I first want to know the entire list of options. When I got my Kenmore parts it took me two weeks to asses all the brands on the market so Kenmore was the winner. What makes Fagor the winner in your case?

Viewing 4 posts - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)
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