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    Unbelievable. But the deal is 95% done. My LG contact just confirmed and judging by the replies I received from of the senior management at Viking it seems it will go through.

    That should have an interesting impact. I wonder what will happen to the Viking distributors? Surely LG won’t need them.


    The above note was directly input by a reader. We do not police the Forums section too closely, but the size of this drew our attention.
    If it is in the Forums section but NOT in the News section, it does not meet ApplianceAdvisor.com’s standards (albeit low) for news. This is not News.
    We have not been able to confirm the story, nor have we been able to confirm that the story is untrue…..only an official Viking (or LG) release can do that.
    Use any information learned in the Forums section with several grains of salt.

    Sources tell us that Viking has said in response to the above rumor, to at least some dealers, that it is not now, nor has it ever been, for sale.
    We would certainly be grateful to anyone who could speak to us about this Viking message, or to anyone at Viking who might confirm the above.
    Until that happens we will consider this non-story, officially, a wild goose chase missing only the goose.


    Cannot see how this is possible. Spoke to a higher up at Viking and they said "what-the.." Impossible. Who really knows


    The internet has been a great vehicle for advancing the world and placing valuable information at the fingertips of anyone in the "remotest" corners of the globe. It has also become a vehicle for any idiot with a website to spew whatever garbage they choose to puke, and share it with the world as fact. It puzzles me how this website shows delight when reporting lay-offs at Sub-Zero or recalls at Viking. These are fine companies run by good people. What’s your problem? What will you say tomorrow when you learn that LG did not and has no intention of buying Viking. Will you apologize to those you misled? take it to the bank; it ain’t true!

    The Advisor

    You are swimming in the Reader Forum part of ApplianceAdvisor.com where registered readers can say their piece about a topic of their own choosing or one chosen by others. None of the topics here are our own. This particular ditty was entered by a registered user. We did not know it was on the site until this morning.
    Since we cannot confirm that the story listed is true or not true, we have nothing to add. This is a reader entry, not ours.
    I do apologize that it is not obvious to you that this is a Reader Forum area.

    Now as for your other point, we are a bit conflicted. We like many of the products, people and branding at Sub Zero and Viking, but we also like there to be news. We don’t take delight in other’s misfortune but then again we think companies should be more responsible in their product testing and that appliances used correctly should not kill or damage the customer. That is the responsibility of all brands.
    We like growth and sales, but long before it became a reality, we also believed that the growth and market share of luxury appliances was unsustainable and that our dependence on luxury appliances will bite us all in the ass. And here we are. We also strongly believe that luxury brands have always promised more than they could deliver, testing their products in the field, in the kitchens of consumers and not in the laboratory. Too many products, too many bleeding edge technologies, too advanced styling, not enough people or money, to do the testing that needs to be done.
    As once a luxury appliance product manager, I know a bit about this.
    If you are seeking appliance happy talk, this isn’t it. If you are seeking to get the news first, get a bit of insight where others fear to tread, and to learn what others in the industry are thinking, then pull up a chair.

    Apologize to Viking if LG doesn’t buy them? Funny you should ask.
    Didn’t we already apologize in 2004?


    Really? Reader’s forum? You’re assuming I wasn’t aware that’s where I was swiming? Another erronious assumption…in case you didn’t pay attention, IT IS YOUR WEBSITE and the garbage spewed on it is still in YOUR domain. No I am not looking for "happy" appliance talk, but the glee with which you report bad news about a small company’s misfortune demonstartes that there are some demons in need of slaying…What you don’t take into consideration is that your irresponsible sarcasim shakes people’s lives. You do seem to delight in that. Being first to break the story, isn’t always what it’s cracked up to be. Be responsible and take the high road! not much to ask…

    The Advisor

    We contacted Viking yesterday morning for comment on the above Reader Forum missive. We have not yet received any official response, though the person I reached laughed and said, of course not.
    Viking is officially aware of the above missive, and have been given the opportunity to respond (as do all manufacturers) either directly on this Forum or through us. A simple "chortle chortle, cahort…..are you nuts?" would be enough.
    Manufacturers don’t usually like to get into the habit of responding to these things because someday it could be true.

    "Garbage"…….seems a bit strong. We hope there is some value found within these pages.


    Dram …. I don’t know where you were swimming (two m’s in this word by the way), but this site has both "News" and "Recent Comments". "Advisor" is responsible for the News and will occassionally chime in on comments made by others. He uses his Editorial Censorship privilege sparingly, but if you’ve spent anytime at all reading these comments, you’ve probably noticed that he has suggested that folks try to label their comments as "fact versus rumor". That said, the "fact" is that the appliance industry has suffered greatly during this recession and the high end has been hit the hardest. Nobody feels any glee about that, but those of us that have been very involved in the high end appreciate the opportunity to read both the News (written by Advisor) and Comments submitted by others.

    Appliance Stallion
    As a veteran of the high end who has had no real axe to grind , all of your comments are correct to one level or another. What does "good" company and "good" people mean ? Usually that is self determined and in no way has any credibility with the outside world. They all drink their own kool aid. They are all human and each high end guy thinks they are better than the next one.Advisor ,you keep on keepin’ on. dram needs to go to the happy web site of Oz. So what if Viking isn’t sold to LG. But , everyone does field test their new products right to the consumer. Anyone who has attempted in house long term reliability testing has been knocked in the head several times.
    Appliance Stallion
    You sound like a frustrated kid who works for his daddy and you can’t stand the fact that you don’t measure up and never will . Give advisor their break. They certainly don’t create your problems. People like you do.Go visit sites that spew phony values and happy talk.
    Appliance Stallion
    You and your staff are gems.Keep up the good work.

    Thanks for focusing on the spelling error. I am certain to makes those again if I ever enter another opinion. you can kiss up if you want to…I will actually continue to monitor this from time to time just to keep the opinions I know to be fact just that…I will however refrain from offering commentary on issues I know nothing about. I suggest everyone uses the same montra… Every force needs a counter just to keep the balance.

    Appliance Stallion
    Your literary content and spelling is questionable. Check the word ‘makes’ as you misused. Should be ‘make’. Did you get kicked out of four universities or what.Your last several sentences suggest you stay off the funny stuff.Good to know you… of all people will be someone’s watchdog.
    The Advisor

    All comments, including your comments are welcome. Some of what you have said is true. We are not trying to be the Wall Street Journal, nor the Onion…….but perhaps a little bit of both. We could not write, and you could not read endless boring ticker tape appliance news.

    The FORUM was meant as an industry soap box. It is our freedom of speech area.
    To Cohiba’s point, there are "facts", there are "rumors", and there are "thoughful opinions" based on experience. Each has its place. My opinion: Forum entries should note which they are, though this is not a requirement.
    As to your future commentary; there are thousands of years of experience among the readership, and though facts are great, readers should feel free to use their "experience" as the basis for a comment on any issue. We look forward to your continued participation.

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    nice job….Kissing up. who’s YOUR daddy?


    First, i commend the Advisor for keeping this forum as an area that many can talk loosely with the facts (as they believe them to be). I have pointed out to many people today that it is in the rumour (Forum) section, not the Facts (news) section. I think we are fortunate to have a site like this.

    i actually find the "sarcasm" and wit of the Advisor to be one of his most endearing qualities. If you can’t handle the heat get out of the kitchen and move into the the room the supports the other half of KBIS.

    I am waiting with baited breath to see the apology to Viking from Insane. LG will not be buying Viking. Take that to the bank!

    Stallion, I was always taught to show some tolerance for those less fortunate (financially and intellectually), but since you already posted it………….. good job!

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