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    With JC Penney getting into the appliance game again begs a few questions. First off, Why? It cannot be for the deep margins and sell and forget life that is appliances. Their balance sheet begs to take on an over abundance of inventory and the people’s salaries to make that happen? The fun of taking on Best Buy, Sears, Home Depot, Lowes and every regional and independent out there? There is a sincere dearth of really good talent in this industry both on the sales floor and in upper management so why does Penney think this is the time to expand this avenue? Will it dilute the markets so to take from Sears and help push them over? Help Penney show growth to a bank in dollars moved? The endgame seems not too far off, but with the demise of this idea and a few players as collateral damage. Time will tell once the red ink spills for too long.

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