HGTV Proves the Point w/ K-Biz Highlights Show – Appliances Get No Respect !!!

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    Bermuda Bob

    It took a shorter period of time than I thought, but last night, a mere 21 days after the close of this year’s K-Biz show in Atlanta, HGTV ran it’s annual highlight show and in doing so proved a point that many of us been making for some time now … HGTV & K-BIZ gives no respect to the Appliance Industry !!!

    Why do I say this ??? Simple … statistics don’t lie !!!

    Of the forty-seven (47) products featured, only twelve (12) products were from the Appliance Industry – and all of them high-end products … leaving thirty-five (35) products ranging from cabinetry, to plumbing, to ridiculously high-end, "flash & glam" products that would never make it to even the average of high-end showrooms, let alone a niche market !!!

    … and when the “Best in Show” designations were announced none were from the Appliance Industry !!!

    Why is all this important ???Simple … it is just a further confirmation that the Appliance Industry needs to have a show of it’s own, where everything from high-end to entry level products can be displayed, demonstrated, and discussed with industry professionals who are only interested in disseminating information … not making sales !!! A show for, by, and with industry professionals who make the rules without having to pander to designers, decorators, and demagogues who wish to mandate how the Appliance Industry shows their wares !!!

    It is high time to stop being the Rodney Dangerfield @ a show who, as proven convincingly by HGTV, is heavily weighted toward their special interests of K-Biz and NOT the Appliance Industry… and anyone who does not believe that HGTV televised that highlight show without the imprimatur of K-Biz is kidding themselves !!!

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