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    It’s a little late, but Happy Birthday to the Microwave Oven. Hard to imagine life without one in our home now, how this little device can wreak havoc upon so many customers when theirs breaks. Or even to think of how many people (including myself) have not known life without a microwave oven.

    War is the mother of invention, and War plus a little dumb luck now lets us "nuke" our food. What more could someone ask for? I still miss my Amana Touchmatic and would gladly take it back over all these mass-produced pieces of *ahem*.

    Here is a good simple article about the Microwave, just a little refresher for all of us.



    I was fortunate enough to work for the Amana Distributor in my area. When a new model came out, I got to test drive one. My last Radarange had a weigh scale inside. it weighed the food and decided how long it was going to cook for. I had it for over 12 years and rued the day i had to replace it. Hard to beleive we actually all made good money selling micowaves. Now, not so much…….

Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)
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