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    Bermuda Bob

    Greetings, All !!!

    Last Saturday, I received a touching phone call from Advisor, who was reaching out because I had apparently gone missing from the site. He reported that others on the site wondered about me as well !!! He was asked about my welfare because he knew of the challenges my knee surgery caused … It was very nice to be missed !!!

    As some might recall, I had a Knee Replacement in August and had problems right from the time I awoke from the anethesia. It was eventually determined that the "appliance" used was not being received well by my body. Technically they said that there was "… no evidence of osteointegration …"

    I also had problems with pain management as I have a scant few pain meds avaliable to be because of my Liver Transplant. It was further complicated since what was prescribed by the Transplant folks was not acceptable to my OrthoPod …

    So, after 16 weeks of sheer agony, I went under the knife again for a "re-do" … This time, thanks to the intervention of my GI & GP Docs, and augmented by the UPENN Pain Centre, my pain management is much better, even if I’m always tired !!!

    I’m more mobile, but only in short snippets, and that includes sitting at my desktop …

    The verdict is that my recovery is on a better path but will take longer due to the need for a 2nd operation … I have to admit that if I knew I was going to have to go thru what I have gone thru, I would have found a way to live with the impairment … At one point thus far, I have told my OrthoPod that "… I came to you impared, but am now a full fledged cripple …" He has assurred me my mind will change over time …

    The irony of all this is that I am still the youngest person (and in better shape) I have ever met to have had a Knee Replacement, which means I ought to have had the much easier time of it, instead I’ve had the worst time of it …

    Anyway, thanks to Advisor, and all of you for being concerned, even if it was wonder at what happened to the sometimes cantankerous voice known as "Bermuda Bob" !!!

    We’d like to wish you all a very Merry Christmas, and a Happy & Prosperous New Year !!!

    Appliance Stallion

    Yes I was and others I suspect were worried about your health and your recovery. I can only imagine the additional pain you have gone through over the first and then the second replacement. That as well as your liver transplant must be unbearable.I have been fortunate in having both knees replaced with no complications. I had my first one done when I was 51 years old and it still is like knew even after 13 years.I for one will have you in my prayers and will be thinking about you often. I wish there was something I could do to make the pain easier for you. I wish you well and things will get better Bob. Be strong and have a Merry Christmas. Stay with us on the site too.

    Bermuda Bob

    Thanks for the nice sentiments !!!

    Funny you mentioned my Transplant … everything is just super on that front !!! I actually told my OrthoPod that I’d go thru my Transplant recovery again compared to this knee … He then tells me just how major this whole thing is, which led me to my declaration that if I knew how bad this was going to be, I’d not have had it !!!

    I also asked him about the motion machine you used … He declared it "… a west coast thing …" and I never told him where you were !!! My Therapist agreed … Go figure !!!

    I start OutPatient this week, so I have hope … still !!!

    At least she’s a nice young Lady and it gets us out 3X a week … Hee-Hee-Hee !!!

    Merry Christmas & Happy New Year !!!

    Appliance Stallion

    I can tell you that the machine assisted me greatly. I also can tell you that I had the surgery at one of the leading medical centers and a majority of the athletes who have these type of operations from old football injuries come to the west coast because of the quicker recovery and less problems with the replacements. I personally know of about 10 former players who did so. I know of three in the midwest or east and all three had to have the replacement replaced. I am not sure what all that means however I suspect the west coast may lead the way with knee replacements.. Hard to tell however that machine was great on both knee replacements for me. I do hope you continue to get better and please enjoy a healthy Christmas and New Year.

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