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    May 1st add kitchenaid to Homedepot Canada I assume its in homedepot USA now … Includes all the built in as well.


    Just Curious.

    Would it not be possible for the manufacturers and the manufacturers agents (distributors) to support independents by offering same price opportunity. For example, most independents simply don’t have the resources to negotiate significant one-time buys. So if the manufacturers just said to the independents here is our price guides it’s the same as for home depot do your best. Would the independents now have the power to compete at least and offer that customer the same deal? The problem today is that the manufacturers need to drive volume sales and they seem to think that places like home depot are the magic when in fact if calculated over time the independents are the backbone in most cases as they grow so does the branding of the manufacturers.

    Company’s like BSH and Whirlpool etc. still have hidden special prices for volume dealers. Take a company like Home Depot, they will simply take that extra margin drop the price and then offer 10% extra off when a customer takes out an HD card because on the back end of the HD card the finance source discounts the card on signup. HD gets a win win.

    Bottom line, make the deals same for independents and then its even playing field i think.

    Side note *** Miele Canada sells some D/W online in Canada via its online store. Reports say that they made 2 happy customers (sold 2 units last year) and others wanted more information and went to a store redirected by Miele customer support.

    I’m curious how many units are sold online by AJ madisons and alike? Do they sell more online than in there store?

Viewing 2 posts - 16 through 17 (of 17 total)
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