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    A marriage being formed again after a debacle with Siemens Appliance’s. Get ready cause its happening and happening a hole lot sooner than anyone would think. Should be fairly quick after all sales at Lowe’s and Sears are not that great and I am sure they have tons of products left in those warehouse’s up north so they will empty them out for displays at Best Buy in hopes of increasing the numbers. And where is bigcity have not seen him on here in awhile could he be part of this deal hmmmmmmm we will see. And yes I’m calling you out. Say hi to J.N for me


    Debacle is right! Just like not knowing why their refrigerator did not do well at Sears (which is being removed from the floors I hear) I’m willing to bet JN has NO CLUE what the REAL reason is that Siemens tanked at Best Buy… The name was only part of the equation. Let’s see if he figures it out… hahahahahahahahahahahaha


    Hello Im back again. The only Hi I would give him is the Middle Finger. I Hade to take a break, I was getting to much of a kick out of reading Post about BSH / JN Debaucles, No, not a part of picture not employed with B/S/H/ Thank God Just have Connections. B/S/H wont learn From Mistakes, JN has no clue and has proved it in the past Months. Sales Numbers dont Lie. Bosch/Siemens/Thermador/Gag/ Cant sell by itself. Best Buy Has no salespeople and only order Takers. At 8 Bucks an hour good Luck. JN will lead B/S/H into a Lions Den with inadequate third party reps. ( L.G has Better comps, Reps, Margins ,and Product that associates have been selling for Years. This will be a disaster and will be the end for him. Call me crazy! When you put a hand on Hot Burner you wont do it again. Unfortuantley JN wasnt around when it was complete flop, and we all know what happened to the first two Directors of that Account. "Fired" B/S/H Spent 16 Million on Marketing for Siemens in one year and Didnt Break Even. I would Imagine Little City, we feel the same way about JN and im sure we have spent time in the Hot Sun and shared a few Adult Drinks. Can you Say "The Nail is in The Coffin"

Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)
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