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    That is too bad. They have made good products for Sears over the years. Then again do the buyers at Sears care ? My entire family back east bought Sears or Kenmore products for years.


    Good to know that Bosch has a new line of dishwashers. However, I have been using my Frigidaire dishwasher for years and Frigidaire Parts are relatively easy to come by.


    First I would like to correct Mr. Fact, Sears has changed their manufacture of Front Loaders to LG (the inferior of the two Korean companies in my opinion). In regards to Whirlpool, losing their FL contract for Kenmore eliminates roughly 3% of their total market share which hovers around 50% across all categories in North America. As an investor this worries me very little. Their balance sheets look good and their structure is sound (To inform Mr. Fact Whirlpool has posted a profit each quarter though this recession and doesn’t look to be in any trouble). Whirlpool will continue to make Kenmore products for Sears…so to state that they are “loosing this long time association with Sears” is just not correct. If you’ve forgotten, Sears also carries Whirlpool’s branded products. You act as if they don’t sell a single piece of their appliance catalog.

    As for my thoughts on Bosch dishwashers, I think they are great products and look forward to seeing their new innovations. The one (and arguably ONLY) thing Bosch does well is dishwashers. However, the quietness race is getting to the point where it makes no difference. I believe they are introducing a dishwasher with 40 dBAs. KitchenAid already has a 41 dBA, Jenn-air has a 42 dBA, ASKO & Miele both have dishwashers in the lower 40’s so it’s getting to the point where Bosch is going to have to focus on something else and it appears to be energy efficiency. This worries me because Bosch does not perform that well in regards to clean ability according to AHAM and using less water (around two gallons) I’m skeptical if this will get it done. I afraid they are banking on the fact that consumers still pre-rinse their dishes which can waist several gallons just in itself. To end, I’m curious but cautious.

    (PS: when buying a Bosch their stated energy use is when their in-line water heater is turned to its lowest setting which it always is when delivered. If you truly want the hi-temps promised you have to have the installers or a licensed technician turn up the setting on the in-line heater which in turn changes its energy consumption….read the use and care guide).

    Keith Russel

    Really if they are making new dish washers then it should be highly efficient and less water consuming. Bosch is a trusted name so I do not think they will goof up after making such an announcement. Also you have rightly said that consumers think that dishwashers are efficient but never bother to read the manual and confirm what is being said.



    Yea 2 gallons, of H20, no wonder they dont clean, The new ascenta line has had nothing but issues. The dish might only use two gallongs but you have to use 10G to prewash them.

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