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    Bermuda Bob

    Welcome to a new feature on intended to discuss and focus on a particular type of appliance. We hope to provide a forum to exchange information, experiences, and opinions for those of us in the trade. This should be the kind of open conversation usually reserved for post-convention poolside with a cold beer in hand !!! We can all learn from each other, become more efficient, and even exchange war stories of customers we wish we never met. This can have nothing but a positive affect on the industry, and more importantly, the bottom line. We also hope to share a laugh about the lunacy of our business.
    When we feel we’ve exhausted a particular appliance, we’ll move on to the next.

    So, what available in your region; what’s selling; what are the challenges; service issues; post-sale feedback; and what’s manufacturing support like ?

    What’s working on your floor ?

    Our First Subject:
    "How About Those French-Door Refrigerators ???"

    The Advisor

    Not sure I’m a big fan of French Door fridges since they come with all of those door seals that can leak, and a drawer freezer that drops all the cold air on the ground. Congratulations on the launch Bob.


    Personally have an LG french door with the icemaker in the refrigerator door. it really limits storage. Thank god it is standard depth and not counter depth. I never thought I would miss the door storage. I got sucked in by the sexy look. I am an old Amana boy but I prefer something that was designed this century………

    Professionally, i have to wonder what the hell Samsung is doing with their pricing strategy on the counter depth 33" wide French Door. In Canada, it is priced so low, that some dealers don’t want to put it on the floor at the price Samsung sugge sts, because all of the other units will appear to be overpriced. With a unique piece like this, they could ask for and get $600 more. God forbid there be any profit left in the refrigerator category.


    Congratulations on the column Bob, I think its a great idea. With regards to French Doors, I have never seen the benefit on a refrigerator less than 36 wide. The french door can allow the consumer to easily open the door without obstruction or unnecessary maneurvering, even in a limited space kitchen. When we used to talk about designing a 42" Bottom Mount, the refrigerator section door width was a problem and a french door was proposed as the solution. But, on narrower units, I can’t see the advantage offsetting the inherent design issues of a tight seal.

    Bermuda Bob

    Thanks for contributing folks !!!

    I remember that the original marketing idea for French Door was that you could stow longer platters, etc., but being a home chef I’ve rarely found the need for such extra width … I guess I got accustomed to compartmentalizing left-overs !!!

    I never thought about "rllingstne"’s observation, but after looking @ my door, chock full of condiments, etc. I certainly see the point !!!

    Don’t know about Samsung … LG got in first here … never liked the idea of an abbreviated dispenser in he door …

    Advisor’s worry about the gasketry is certainly something that has plagued the design even back to when Amana was making the French Door exclusively for SEARS …

    Keep it up … this is GREAT !!!

    The Advisor

    I think that one of the interesting things discussing the first new configuration in fridges since the Side by Side, is the total lack of configuration creativity out there. Samsung and Haier have tried a few things, but domestically it’s All one or the other, Tops, Bottoms, Side by Sides, and now French doors. GE once sold a fridge that goes where your upper cabinets now go. The Europeans offer small footprint tall units. Is there nothing else? No minor niche configuration freeing some poor CKD to design the kitchen of his or her dreams. Always seemed that fridge design got jammed into a rut that it never got out. There’s been nothing truly exciting in fridge design for a long time, and what little there was (Side by Sides) have been, consumer-usefulness-wise self-defeating.

Viewing 6 posts - 1 through 6 (of 6 total)
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