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    I find the times between visits to Advisor lengthening as the same old @$%& is going on. Stallion arguing with everyone.

    There have been a few things of note that have come to light in the Appliance industry.

    Sub Zero/ Wolf is greatly expanding their product line with new refrigeration and cooking. they have demanded and in many cases got additional floor space on the dealer’s floors. HAVEN’T SEEN ONE WORD ABOUT THIS ON ADVISOR.

    Bosch just introduced a new line of dishwashers that should keep them at the forefront of the dishwasher market. if only they had full size laundry and half decent cooking and refrigeration to go with it.  HAVEN’T SEEN ONE WORD ABOUT THIS ON ADVISOR.

    is the Brigade Range from Viking really dead??? Look for a new 700 series range in the fall. HAVEN’T SEEN ONE WORD ABOUT THIS ON ADVISOR

    there’s more, but these are fairly important events in the APPLIANCE INDUSTRY. Maybe we can talk about this rather argue about things that are boring the heck out of most of us. We know that Dacor was a great company and has fallen mightily since Stallion left, but cmon, get off your high horse and comment on the present rather than find fault with it and long for the good old days when you held hands with Tony and Mike and sang koombya.



    Appliance Stallion

    Canuck. Perhaps if you had something meaningful and positive to say that would help. You are like  millions of people who are always negative , look to insult others and the blame the others for something. Get a life will you.

    Appliance Stallion


    Happy New year and I hope you are doing well. I hope that 2016 continues to be a healthy and prosperous year for everyone. I have been in a different industry now for the past seven years. It was a refreshing change . However there were many great people I met in the industry and we still have some supplier relationships with a handful of those good suppliers. Things change and life goes on and we always hope to learn as we live each day. Take care. The appliance industry needs good people like you. Be well everyone.

Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)
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