The Dull Edge of Cold

Northland refrigerators do not meet Federal 2001 energy standards yet are sold in 49 states (except California).  They readily admit this but what gives them the right we wonder?  Northland claims an exemption based upon Northland’s choice to ship the refrigerator cabinet and the compressor and condenser in separate boxes.  The US DOE agrees but that conclusion is not made obvious by a read of the law. 

See Section 6292 Paragraph (a) Item (1) for exclusions:

Why would a dealer sell, or a home owner buy any refrigeration unit designed to meet lower standards when there are units from Sub-Zero, Monogram, Viking, Jennair, etc, that surpass tougher Federal requirements?
If there are units designed by engineers who leapt through flaming hoops to beat the efficiency standards, why settle for a unit designed only to schlep through a lame loophole?  We welcome a Northland response.

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