Ducane Gas Grills files Chapter 11 bankruptcy: Dec 2003.

Family owned Ducane has been an innovation leader in grills since entering the market in 1975.  Ducane was caught on the wrong side of 3 freight trains which included the opening of a spiffy new high tech manufacturing facility, an economic downturn, and the liquidation of 3 of Ducane’s national distributors each of which held millions of dollars of unpaid invoices.
As part of this Chapter 11 filing, Ducane will loose its independence to a winning bidder for the business, of which there are now one, Webber, and one promised, the Ullman Family Partnership.  Entities wishing to join the bidding should contact Ducane’s attorney:
Mr. Bill McCarthy at 803-256-6400 or at email: 
bmccarthy@rbmcc.com.    Bidding closes February 26.
Ducane is currently a going concern.

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