Deal May be Done for Fisher Paykel: UPDATE: DONE DEAL

New York Times

8PM October 17 (EDT)
Trading in shares of F&P halted as of October 18 local New Zealand time.
Deal may be done.
Stay tuned

Washington Post

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    • Unless Haier is going to remake their organization I would find it difficult for them to design , produce and distribute high end products. It is a different mindset and certainly a different customer. I think a high end manufacturer would have the same problem converting to the mass lower end products. They may see it as a good chance to improve profits but I suspect they would change up the offering and perhaps simplify designs and features. That is what mass marketers and producers usually do.Such as plastic vs stainless , less performing blowers and fans , cheaper controls , take out those high end features and before you know it you have a lower end product not for the sophisticated higher end customers.Just my opinion.

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