De-Evolution:  The Descent of the Descendants

De-Evolution: The Descent of the Descendants

What is one to make of one generation dropping the baton bequeathed by the last generation?
Decades of work, of slow growth, of relationships, of service, of investment; building from scratch something which should last, built to last, and then passing what he has built on to a new generation, who does not really understand what they have?

The elder has built a business from one man to many.
The younger receives the whole enchilada, without really understanding how to make an enchilada.

One can only wonder if what is missing in the younger is the "by the boot strap beginnings" of the elder.  Missing an understanding that the empire behind him was built with the help of so many individuals, like the individual who stands in front of him.  That the empire is protected, is grown by treating each individual, one at a time, with respect, and hiring individuals who treat the one in front of them with respect, and by rewarding employees who treat those around them with respect.

The corporate culture is set by the elder, who sees every stranger as a friend he hasn’t met, and grows with the organization.
Can a corporate culture of service, fair dealing, and respect, created by the elder, survive when the younger exhibits few of these traits?

As we have watched this story unfold for years, waiting for the inevitable changing of the guard, we have always known the answer, and unfortunately the evidence coming in, is no.

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