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Marcone on NY Times front page: Not in good way

According to the US Attorney Jeffrey Sloman, "The defendant (appliance parts distributor Marcone) jeopardized the global effort to protect the ozone layer for its own financial benefit." EPA Special Agent Mangione in Miami said, "The unlawful importation of goods pose a triple threat to the national security, public safety, and economic well-being of the United… Continue Reading

All the News Round-Up (UPDATED 9/10)

UPDATE 9/10 The case of Donnie Danti will be continued to January 15, 2013. for background see our January News All the News Round-Up (Send in more if you’ve got it) Basil Larkin lands at Lynx Grills taking the position of VP Sales & Marketing. BSH robs Julie Child’s grave, and drags her body through… Continue Reading

Jobs and News

Jobs:  ALMO is hiring in California:  (See Jobs tab) News:  Summer is almost over…….News is about to be made………and we will be paying attention when it does.  Do you have news……..any news?  Send it in to add to our end of summer news clearing house. We’ll take anything, personnel or professional……even some of things sent… Continue Reading

Unfair Trade Practices: Confused Regulation

By now we all know that LG, Samsung, and Daewoo will be toiling under some oppressive import duties for products coming from Mexico and Korea.  Whirlpool claimed that the Korean government was providing an unfair subsidy. Fine, we guess. But where would it be "fair" if the only subsidy came from the workers with wages… Continue Reading

ASKO Fires ALL Swedish Employees CORRECTION 7/17

SEE CORRECTION BELOW:Appliance Magazine reported that ASKO owner Gorenje has closed it ASKO factory in Sweden to move production to Slovenia.  Will "Made in Slovenia" have the same feeling of luxury and sophistication as "Made in Sweden"?  Probably not in this lifetime. Correction from ASKO:  ASKO’s worldwide production in Sweden will close and move to… Continue Reading

Viking's David Becker Dips Toe into Retirement

After 16 years with Viking, VP of Strategy David Becker is joining the list of the retired, while remaining part time as Viking’s representative to AHAM. “Dave Becker made a major commitment many years ago when he decided to leave a large Fortune 500 company and join Viking when we were still in our formative… Continue Reading

Big Changes in Distribution V: Westeye Rumored to use Drone Strategy

Sub-Zero is rumored to be cutting large meaty chunks out of its regional distribution in favor of a centralized approach.  Eliminating regional activities, such as customer and technical service, purchasing, accounts payable and accounting.  Whole swaths of local office and warehouse staff would be cut.  With any luck, the jobs will remain in the United… Continue Reading

Big Changes in Distribution III

Luwa Distribution’s new owner Chris Walsh is the brother of VAH Marketing’s new owner Monte Walsh. Well, how do you like dem apples? So what’s the news?  Does anyone get the feeling that Vent-a-Hood is interviewing candidates, pulling strings, writing checks, and organizing a distribution future with the kind of centralized distribution control the… Continue Reading

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