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More on Marvel / AGA /O’Rourke

Read the proceeding ULine story and Marvel’s participation.  Is Marvel / Northland / AGA suffering from a deep distribution malaise? A tipster claims that there is an ongoing tiff / rift between O’Rourke Distribution and AGA, to add to the problems that Marvel may or may not experiencing with the new Viking East arrangement. “There are orders… Continue Reading

Middleby Reinforces Investments, Buys Uline: UPDATE 10/16

Uline lost its independence in 2006, so if anything the absorption of the undercounter fridge maker by the owner of Viking, Jade, Dynasty, and Turbochef shouldn’t mean much. More likely it’s the distributors who will get it here. Does ULine already supply Viking’s under-counter equipment? Milwaukee Journal UPDATE Not really an update, but a question about… Continue Reading

Proxima Post Mortem: After near death

What happens to the American division of a European manufacturer which is having financial problems?  Usually a customer and dealer satisfaction death spiral, and the slow destruction of the brand. How about if we throw in a 12 month factory shutdown, ending in an asset sale?  Closing offices, locking doors, and a brand that is unrecoverable. And then… Continue Reading

Rose’s (viking) Road Show

1) Friend of site, Rose Dickson is now back with Bob Woods at Viking’s West Distribution, and heading up that outfit’s Sales and Marketing efforts.  (In Distribution……is there any other more important job than that????) 2)  Viking West has launched a roving Sherman-esque, mobile appliance roadshow of new stuff from Viking.  From city to hamlet… Continue Reading

While We Were Sleeping: Seeking Dealer Comments

We’ve followed the consolidation and machinations of the conglomerates (GE, Electrolux, Bosch). We’ve followed the consolidations and liquidations of the last great bastion of appliance entrepreneurship, distribution (Hadco, Radio, Delia, Scheidel) Have we missed the bigger story, that the independent dealer community is getting killed with the wide availability of luxury brands in chain stores?  HHGregg,… Continue Reading

Bosch Siemens Puts Itself Out of Its Misery

More or Less. Siemens agrees to sell its 50% stake in Bosch und Siemens Hausgeräte to remaining partner Robert Bosch for $3.85 Billion. What the hell for?  Hell if we know. The BSH JV was formed in 1967. Interestingly, and following the 1937 Will and Testament of Robert Bosch, the Robert Bosch company donates all… Continue Reading

Does LG Employ Vandalism for Competitive Advantage?

This is the claim of Samsung, which has accused LG employees and executives including Mr. Jo Seong-jin, (head of the LG appliance division) of destroying Samsung appliances at a Berlin appliance store, in advance of a the IFA Electronics show being held in Berlin.  Samsung has asked Seoul Central District Prosecutors’ Office (why Seoul and not… Continue Reading

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